As I look back at 2011 and reflect on the fitness goals I had set for myself, I am happy to see that I succeeded in one goal: completing my first ever triathlon – and a second place finish in my age group to boot! I guess 1 out 4 isn’t bad? :)

But more importantly, I am proud that my entire family participated in a 5K race together in August. This wasn’t even a goal I thought to set, and I am beyond thrilled that my sons continued running and finished strong in their first 4 mile race to benefit their school’s music program in September. Luc, Parker and I celebrated Thanksgiving with a 4 mile Turkey Trot in November, and I think we motivated my 60 year old mother to join us next year. I love that the people I love most dearly have picked up the momentum, and I hope they can find as much joy in running as I do.

The past year wasn’t one filled with a lot of PRs for my running, not too many events either. I was side-lined with plantar fasciitis in the beginning of the year, and still am battling with some foot pain that keeps lingering. Besides the triathlon, I really only did one 1/2 marathon and some 5 K’s with the kids. But, I look forward to next year, with hopes that my feet will continue to heal and I can add on more mileage. Our life with 4 active, growing kids continues to keep us busy. Often times, unless I am up before the sun rises, I can’t even squeeze in a workout. So, I’ve become more flexible in how frequently I can work out and focused more on getting more quality out of the times I do get to get a good sweat. Weekly planning helps keep me on track and motivated. I’ve learned that exercise is my coping skill. So, whether it’s a run before the sun rises with friends, a walk up the mountain to clear my head, or a spin class with great music, I make sure to prioritize my time so I can enjoy these activities. I’ve realized it’s good for my whole family that I keep active, not only to be a role model for them, but also to give me the patience to deal with the pace of our life. And the messy house, laundry, and cooking will all be there waiting for me when I return refreshed and rejuvenated!

I wish you the happiest of Holidays and hope that 2012 will offer you the best of everything – keep moving!