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How Do You Use Promax Bars?

Are you looking for a pick-me-up to cut those hunger cravings and help you stay alert throughout the day? Need a midday snack to keep your blood sugar steady? A meal replacement bar to keep you full longer without adding extra calories? A workout aid to energize your body before you hit the gym? An exercise recovery bar to help your muscles rejuvenate after a tough workout? Promax Nutrition has a protein bar for any need.

How Much Protein Do You Want?

Every Promax Nutrition bar is chock-full of protein. They’re made to give active people the energy they need to stay active. Those who want a higher protein to carbs ratio can always opt for more. Need to rebuild muscles after a rigorous workout? Try our high protein bars, designed specifically for those who want to add muscle weight while reducing fat.

What Is Important to You?

Want to cut down on your daily sugar intake while boosting your fiber intake? Try our lower sugar energy bars. With less sugar and more fiber, you’ll get a healthy snack that keeps you steady and strong throughout the day. More concerned with getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals? Stick with our Original protein bars, which are made with quality ingredients for a fitter self.

What Texture Do You Prefer?

Whether you prefer the creamy smoothness of a double fudge brownie or the crispy crunch of nutty butter, Promax Nutrition has a great tasting bar for every palate. When you want superior taste with superior nutrition, there’s only one option: Promax Nutrition.

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