Meet the Promax Ambassadors, Joel Harper and Holly Perkins; our health and fitness experts who know the importance of protein in an active lifestyle.




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24/7-365:  Seize the day, by stretching my body, stretching my mind, stretching my spirit and paying it forward by helping as many people as I possibly can.

TODAY: Gave a lecture to a thousand people to exercise their minds at the INSTITUTE FOR INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION and gave workouts to 9 people to exercise their bodies.

TOMORROW: To reach as many people as possible and help them tap into their energy and create magic by achieving their full potential.

MY MAX: A bite of PROMAX gives me the energy I need to train Dr. Oz and all my other clients. It amps up nutrition and helps me maximize every hour of every day.

MY BAR:  Promax Lemon Bar

LOOKING FOR:  Balance with my relationships, career, charities, religion, and leaving time to advance my hobbies.


24/7-365: I daydream about fitness. What can I do differently? What will tomorrow’s workout look like? Where can I be innovative?

TODAY: I think most folks find change scary and difficult. For me it appears in the gym. Today I’m digging deep and forcing myself to face my fears.

TOMORROW: Strength training has changed my life this past year. Tomorrow I want to be able to help others find success in the gym.

MY MAX: Protein is extremely important to aid in recovery from workouts. I need an exceptional amount of protein for a gal. I love that Promax bars have substantial protein, but they taste like a candy bar. They are perfect with my afternoon tea from India!

MY BAR: Promax Lower Sugar Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

LOOKING FOR: The perfect workout to help women feel their strength.