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Check out the Promax DOers on’s Fast Fitness Tips from the Experts

Posted in Media | February 24, 2012


Promax Nutrition™ ( is teaming up with an all-new group of DOers, This year, those DOers include Dance/Fitness duo Billy Blanks Jr. and wife Sharon Catherine Blanks, Fitness Model and Trainer Robert Marting, Pilates Guru and Trainer Holly Perkins, Former Pro Soccer Player/TV Sports Host Temryss Lane, Mountain Biker Alex Bandanza, and Extreme Rollerblader/CrossFit trainer Kacie Fischer.

These six DOers were either hand-selected by Promax for their outstanding dedication to fitness, or they worked hard to win their 2012 Promax DOer title — regardless of how they got it, they are all pushing their physical limits to the max and spreading their infectious enthusiasm for health and well-being on and off the field/studio/gym. Each is an expert in his/her field and all are die hard Promax fans.

You can catch the 2012 DOers blogging, providing tips and exercise routines on behalf of Promax, and at various events across the country – maybe you’ll even get to dance alongside the Blanks or skate with Kacie on her cross country tour!

“Although this year’s Promax DOers all pursue different sports/fitness regimens, each exemplify the core values of the brand,” says Simon Goode, CEO of Promax Nutrition™. “For them, life really is go both on and off the field!’’

About DOers – DOers are everyday warriors for who live lift to the fullest. Each day is a new opportunity, a blank canvas on which to tinker, to try, to learn to live, to DO. For the DOers, Life is Go. You can learn more about the Promax 2012 DOers and stay up-to-date on all their fitness endeavors on the Promax website,

About Promax Nutrition™ – Promax Nutrition™ has been making high protein energy bars since 1996 and has built its reputation by offering the highest quality, great tasting bars. After more than a decade in business, more and more people recognize and trust the Promax® name for good nutrition. Today, with a wide range of products, Promax Nutrition™ is more committed than ever to developing innovative, convenient, and portable nutrition products for active people striving to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Join Promax’s online community by visiting the new website at, and connect with Promax through Facebook, and Twitter @PromaxNutrition.

Posted in News | February 17, 2012


Promax’s Doer contest was so much fun for me! I was able to reconnect with old friends, teammates and coaches, however the best part was seeing how enthusiastic everyone was to help me win! After the official judges selected the top 20 contestants, the winner was to be determined from online voters (AKA anyone that has ever come in contact with me!) I am still apologizing for the harassing emails, texts and letters I sent out to my oversized extended family, present and pre-existing jobs, the entire produce department at my local grocery store, and even had the mail man excited about it!

Promax sent me to Hawaii with two round trip tickets and accommodations at the most amazing hotel on Kauai. Having never been to the island I explored everything from secret beaches, forbidden caves, scrambled through the grand canyon of the pacific, drank Mai Tais and even did a four day hike on the Na Pali Coast Trail, where at the end of the 11 mile trek got engaged to my best friend, Adam, after eating a romantic meal of instant pasta and canned tuna! I even traded my favorite flavor of Promax bar, which is Rocky Road, with an old man who lives in the Kalalau Valley for a hand-made bracelet made of rare shells from a forbidden island called Ne-E-How.


Now, back in reality, I work as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach in Orange County, California, training everyday competing in Tower Running (races up stairwells), half marathons, and for my current challenge, which is inline skating across the country! I will be skating more than 4,000 miles this upcoming April raising money and awareness for Special Olympics and attempting to break a few world records along the way! Check out our website and learn more about our journey! I am so excited to have Promax supporting me, and even more excited to help spread the word about these tasty protein bars! Thank You Promax!

Posted in News | November 23, 2011


October 4, 2011
The popular 13 Things Section Features Billy Miller giving his Train Like a Pro tips for women to get in shape. He encourages females to pull from the NFL for training tips as well.

Posted in Media | October 4, 2011


September 19, 2011 shares how to Train Like a Pro with Billy Miller, and provides eight of his tips so that you can get your fitness on, NFL-style!

Posted in Media | September 19, 2011


September 1, 2011
Indulge in a little chocolate post-workout with Promax Nutrition, featured in Competitor alongside a few other yummy (chocolaty) workout snacks.

Posted in Media | September 1, 2011



Promax Nutrition®, a pioneer in the fitness nutrition business, announces the addition of PromaxLS to its family of products, a new line of all natural, lower sugar* energy bars. The first two flavor offerings, Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Chocolate, will hit shelves in early 2011. Responding to a growing consumer demand for healthier lower sugar options in the energy bar category, PromaxLS offers the health benefits of all natural and lower overall sugar content provided by the natural, plant derived sweetener, Stevia.

Posted in News | February 14, 2011


We at Promax® are excited to announce a new look to our core line of 9 delicious energy bars. The packaging has been updated to highlight our natural ingredients and nutritional benefits. While there is a new look and feel, the bars still have the same great taste.

In the spirit of always working to improve the bars, we’ve added crunchy peanuts to the coating of the Chocolate Peanut Crunch bar, and we’ve made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the Lemon Bar even tastier.

Posted in News | February 11, 2011