What Exercises Can Help Treat and Prevent Back Pain?

Back Pain

Chronic back pain and back injuries are common occurrences in people of all ages. You might have bent or twisted wrong and pulled something in your back. You could have forgotten to bend at the knees when lifting a heavy object. Even people who play sports or exercise regularly can injure their backs. The reason for most back injuries and pain is related to the back muscles not being properly strengthened and conditioned to provide the proper support needed for the back.

Regardless of your age and physical fitness level, it is highly recommended to consult with a qualified medical provider before starting any exercise routine for your back after an injury or to help alleviate chronic pain. Based upon the underlying causes and symptoms, some exercises could cause more harm than good. By seeking medical advice from a professional, you will know exactly which exercises are well-suited for your particular situation and needs.

One exercise most people assume helps strengthen the back are toe touches. Another one is full sit-ups. However, these exercises place higher strain on the spine and back, so they may not be the best option for you. . Instead, do partial sit-ups (crunches). Since you are lying on your back, with your knees bent and feet firmly planted on the floor, you place less strain on the back, while at the same time you help strengthen both the stomach muscles and lower back muscles.

Another beneficial exercise to try is the hamstring stretch. While laying on your back, use a towel or exercise cord around the bottom of your foot to help pull your leg up and straighten it out. Once it is straightened out, bend the foot upwards (down toward your body) and hold it in this positon for 20 to 30 seconds.

If you are recovering from an injury or have severe choric back pain, you should skip dual leg lifts. When both legs are raised off the ground, it is very demanding on your lower back and core regions, and could result in making the pain worse. Instead, bend one leg and put your foot firmly on the floor, and then raise and hold the leg about 6 to 8 inches above the ground for about ten seconds.

Back press-ups are another exercise you can try to help strengthen the back. This exercise is like a reverse sit-up, where you lie on your stomach and use your hands to lift your shoulders. Once you push up on the shoulders, try to keep your hands and elbows firmly on the ground, and hold this position for a brief period of time.

The above exercises are just a few of the ones your medical provider could recommend, and which are suggested to help treat chronic back pain and back injuries. When learning new exercises, take the time to learn the proper form and techniques from a professional before doing them on your own.

In between exercises, remember to fuel your body with protein and energy bars, as well as to drink plenty of water.

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A Letter From the Promax Team

New look from Promax Nutrition

We are making some exciting changes to the Promax Nutrition packaging, and we have you to thank!

Our new look was inspired by you, the DOers and showcases bright colors with a new contemporary look that reflects your active and health conscious lifestyle.

The new packaging makes it easier for you to identify our four product lines and helps identify the best usage occasion for each.  The products haven’t changed. You’ll find the same quality and great taste that you’ve grown to love in our Original, Lower Sugar, and newly reformulated Pro Series bars. You’ll also notice the addition of Carb Sense which is the new name for our current lower sugar bars with 5-6g of net carbs (Salted Caramel, Honey Peanut, and Chocolate Mint).

Before you throw on your running shoes and head to your nearest store to pick up your favorite Promax bar, we ask that you be a little patient with us. This new packaging may not be in store just yet, but it will be there shortly!

2016 is sure to be a great year, and we can’t thank you enough for encouraging us to make this change. We want to bring you the best-tasting and nutritious protein bars. That’s what we’ve always been about at Promax, and that’s what we’re going to continue to do.

You’ll still enjoy that same great taste and ingredients—free of artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, maltitol, or gelatin—that you’ve come to love over the years; you’ll just be able to find us better.

– The Promax Team


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Brownie Bites

Brownie Bites Review

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Sick of Your Indoor Workout Routine? Here’s How to Freshen it Up!

Workout Video

The pre-spring blues: few of us are immune to them. It’s fun to dream about summer weather, and it’s a great motivator to keep working hard to attain that bathing suit body you are working toward.

Now is not the time to let your routine get stale: It’s not good for your mind, or your body, since doing the same workout every day will lose its effectiveness. Here are some tips to mix it up, no matter what type of workout you like.

For Those DVD Disc Jockeys

A DVD is a great way to get a workout in without having to schlep to a class. But if you can narrate your go-to sweat session as well as Shaun T does, you know you’ve used it one too many times. Investing in a DVD library can get expensive though. Instead, check out DVDs from your actual library, find great options on Netflix or search for dedicated exercise stations on your cable or satellite provider. DVR a few to see what you like and then set a season pass.

If You Favor the Treadmill

Otherwise known as the “dreadmill,” a treadmill workout can get boring fast, unless you mix it up. The incline feature should be your best friend: you will burn more calories in less time, but it also seems as though it takes less effort. Another option is to incorporate intervals into the workout. Kick it up a notch for 30 seconds to one minute at a time, rather than sticking with a steady state of exertion. You’ll torch more calories and the time will fly as you clock off time until the next interval. And finally, nothing beats an engaging TV show to keep you going. Tell yourself you’ll only watch the next installment of your Netflix binge-of-the-moment if you’re walking, climbing, or running.

HIIT Enthusiasts

HIIT workouts (which stand for high-intensity interval training) scorch the calories while you’re working out, and the burn continues all throughout the day, even in recovery mode. A typical HIIT format will be an interval of one to two minutes, followed by one minute of recovery. For a full-body workout, alternate a cardio interval with a weight set. The beauty of HIIT is that you can literally do a different workout every day, by switching up the exercises you choose for your intervals. It not only keeps boredom at bay, but will continue to challenge those muscles with the surprise that comes from a new plan. Or, try a Tabata workout, where you work out hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, completing 8 rounds of each movement.

Weight Training

The same dumbbell workout can get boring. The best way to freshen up your weight workout is to invest in new devices to challenge the muscles and keep things interesting. Try using kettlebells, resistance bands, or sliding discs to challenge your body in a whole new way.

Take it Outside

Are you a summer runner, biker or hiker? Even in the cold weather you can take your workout outside! Running in the cold can feel refreshing, as long as you’re dressed appropriately. Or, try out a winter sport, whether it’s snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or ice skating. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Whatever your preference, make sure you fuel up appropriately. Promax protein bars can help you power your way through any workout. For more information about Promax, check out our product page or our blog.

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Vegetarian Guide to Weight Loss

Vegetarian Diet

There are many ways to lose weight, but not all of them will provide other important health benefits at the same time. One way to shed excess pounds, slim down, maintain muscle mass, and potentially even get healthier overall is by following a vegetarian diet.

The Potential Weight Loss Benefits

According to the CDC, more than 65% of adults in America are either obese or overweight, but amongst those who follow a plant-based diet, obesity is under 10%. Also, the weight of a vegetarian is likely to be anywhere from 3-20% lower than that of an omnivore.

Researchers have concluded that you can lose weight when you switch to a balanced plant-based diet, even if you don’t make any changes to your portion size or exercise routine.

When you embark on a vegetarian diet, you can also enjoy an increase in the number of calories burned naturally after you eat. Plant-based meals are utilized in a more efficient manner, so rather than storing the calories as fat, they’ll end up providing the fuel your body needs.

Stick with Natural, Non-Processed Foods

Like any other diet, when consuming vegetarian or vegan foods, you should stick with whole food options, rather than artificial, processed foods, for the best results.

To get the most benefits from your vegetarian diet, you should avoid plant-based junk foods. Opt instead for a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, lentils, beans, and so on.

Even though it might be tempting and easy to consume a lot of the vegetarian versions of things like hot dogs, burgers, pizza, sausage, and desserts, it’s best to keep those to a minimum.

Get the Right Fats

One of the great things about following a plant-based diet is the chance to reduce your intake of unhealthy fats.

If you plan on including dairy products in your diet, do so in moderation. Ounce for ounce, there are four times the amount of calories, and nine times the amount of fat, in cheddar versus a skinless chicken breast, so don’t be fooled into thinking you can have a lot of cheese just because you’re vegetarian.

To successfully lose weight, stick with just one dairy-based meal each day that contains no more than an ounce of cheese, preferably organic. If don’t want to switch to plant-based milks, opt for fat-free organic milk.

You can also get plenty of desirable omega fatty acids by eating foods like nuts, coconut oil, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and avocados, as a few examples.

Focus on Protein

Getting enough protein can help you control your weight and maintain your muscles. Many people worry that a vegetarian diet won’t provide enough of this nutrient, but you actually don’t have to be concerned.

It’s recommended that protein make up 10-12% of your calories, and the majority of legumes, grains, and vegetables provide this naturally, so it’s easy to get enough protein when following a plant-based diet.

Of course, adding a delicious Promax protein bar to your diet is another great way to get the protein you need! All our bars are vegetarian, so they’re perfect for boosting your protein intake and providing yourself with some fun variety in your vegetarian diet.

If you’ve been having trouble losing weight, switching to a plant-based diet might help. As long as you focus on eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you’re likely to get all of the nutrients and results you need.

For more information about Promax, check out our product page or our blog.







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Getting Started with Muscle Hypertrophy Training

Muscle Hypertrophy

It’s time to get smart about building muscle. By getting the ball rolling with the right muscle hypertrophy training methods, and the use of protein bars to rebuild muscle, you can quickly see a big difference in your muscle mass and strength.

Muscle hypertrophy occurs whenever muscle cells grow and increase. When someone exercises a muscle, a jump in nerve impulses occurs that causes muscle contraction. This yields strength gains at first, and, later, results in increases in muscle size.

Muscle hypertrophy training typically refers to an exercise program intended to quickly gain muscle mass. This training focuses on physiological principles of hypertrophy and how to best exercise them in order to induce muscle growth.

Four Principles

There are four essential principles of hypertrophy training:

  • Mechanical load – This refers to the tension loading of muscles through exercise.
  • Acute vs. chronic stimuli – For mechanical loading to result in quick muscle growth, the stimulus applied to the muscles must occur on a regular basis. When undergoing hypertrophic training, exercise enthusiasts will need a regular schedule of exercise and recovery to obtain a successful result.
  • Progressive load – In time, your muscle tissue will adapt and become resistant to the mechanical load you’ve been exposing it to. When this occurs, hypertrophy will halt. For continued results, the mechanical load you place upon the muscles must increase over time.
  • Strategic deconditioning – This is another tactic for dealing with the halt in hypertrophy that can occur when the muscle tissue adapts to progressive load. In strategic deconditioning, you decrease the muscles’ conditioning to the load you’re applying.

Tips for Success

If you’re getting started with hypertrophy training, these tips can help increase your odds of success:

  • Commitment – To get the best results from hypertrophy training, you’ll need to carve time out of your schedule for regular training. Hypertrophy training requires a lot of work and a regular schedule, so you need a high level of dedication to regular workouts.
  • Deadlifting is your friend – The deadlift is a great exercise for pushing your body to grow. When you lift, make sure you keep proper form. Maintain a flat back and neutral head position so you exercise your glutes, leg muscles, and lower back.
  • Pound some protein – Getting plenty of protein before and after your workout will help in your recovery, as protein is essential to building muscle. Experts recommend consuming 20 grams of protein before a workout and 40 to 60 grams afterward. Gluten free protein bars are a great way to supply this nutritional need.
  • Push yourself – Take very limited rests while in the gym. Keep pushing yourself to use deep fibers in the muscles to deal with the weight load. This intense workout will help stimulate the muscles to grow more readily than a more leisurely paced exercise routine.

Promax Nutrition gives people who want better bodies the protein, vitamins, and minerals they need in delicious, gluten-free, vegetarian protein bars.  Promax has a wide range of delicious products, with one sure to please any palate.

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The Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

People choose to be vegetarian for many different reasons. While meat has its merits, it’s well known that a plant-based diet can have numerous health benefits, including weight loss, cardiovascular health, and more. There are several important factors to weigh when eating a vegetarian diet. One of the most important is protein – without animal meat, it could be very easy to ignore this staple of nutrition that is the fundamental building block of your health.

Fortunately, there are many ways vegetarians can incorporate protein into their diet. The infographic below details some of the most popular, easy to find sources of protein, such as:

  • Soy – An incredibly versatile food that is a complete protein.
  • Peas – These and other legumes can easily be added to many dishes.
  • Hemp – Hemp seeds contain all 20 amino acids, plus lots of other nutrients.
  • Quinoa – Another complete protein that is easy to make.

Read more about these protein-packed foods below.

The Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

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How Should You Incorporate Cardio Into Your Workout?


Whether you like it or not, and many people don’t, cardio training is an important part of any workout routine. Cardio can definitely be tough, especially when you’re just getting started, and it lacks the glamour of strength training. That doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important for your health, however. You do need cardio training in your workout routine, but how often should you be doing it, and when is the best time?

First, recognize that cardio isn’t just going outside and running around in circles. You should take the same care in planning your cardio workout as you do in planning your lifting schedule. You wouldn’t go to the gym and slap as much weight on the bench as possible right away, so don’t do the same thing with your cardio workouts. Do your research and figure out a plan to put in place for your cardio workouts, just as you would with any other aspect of your health.

If you’re wondering when the best time of day for cardio is, listen to what your body is telling you. If you can barely open your eyes in the morning, let alone feel up for a run, you might just not be a morning person, and forcing yourself to workout as soon as you get up is probably not going to go well. The time of day really isn’t that important, but if you are going to run in the morning, don’t do it on an empty stomach. Your body hasn’t gotten any fuel for eight hours, so you have nothing to keep you going during your morning workout. You might think this will burn fat, but in reality your body will be looking to get energy from your muscles. So running in the morning is not a great idea if you’re looking to gain muscle mass.

Cardio before your weightlifting is also a big no-no. Running depletes your glycogen, which is your muscles’ source of energy. Without that energy, you just aren’t going to have the strength to push through the last few reps that will help stimulate muscle growth. This leads to a much less effective workout for building muscle mass. To be clear, in this situation the lifting is coming right after the cardio, without time to rest and replenish. Running earlier in the day doesn’t mean you can’t lift that same day, just get rest and proper nutrition before you begin your weightlifting.

So when is the best time for cardio? If you are lifting and running on the same day, your cardio should come after your weightlifting, but even then you should give your body some time to rest. The best thing to do is schedule your cardio and weightlifting on different days. If you lift three days a week, then run on three non-lifting days.

With a full schedule of weightlifting and cardio, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition for recovery and muscle building. At Promax, we have great tasting and nutrient packed protein bars to satisfy your recovery needs.

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Keeping Up Your Motivation Any Time of Year

Motivated Woman

Dreary or sunny, rainy or clear, no matter what the weather, we can make up some excuse to skip the workout. But what inevitable follows is regret and self-loathing. This time, skip the guilt, save yourself from searching for a quick fix with bogus fad diets, and keep yourself motivated with our handy tips below.

Fight Aliens or Be a Superhero

No, really. Mobile gaming apps have come a long way. You can use your smartphone for so much more than Facebook and check-ins. When the urge to settle in with your phone or tablet hits, Superhero Workout will have you up and moving, completing twelve workouts, forty-two bodyweight exercises, and twenty epic missions in order to save the world.

Can you save the world, while avoiding the winter blahs, in the process? Run, Zombie is great for new runners. With this app, you prepare for a 5K while staying one step ahead of the zombie horde.

Online Fitness Tracker

Whether you post your fitness updates on Facebook or you use an online fitness tracker, having your goals and successes out there can help keep you pumped and ready for more. MyFitnessPal, DailyMile, FriendFit, and Map My Run let users track their progress. Put your competitive nature to good use. It’s hard to ditch the workout when you can compete with friends.

Monetary Reward

You’ve heard that you should reward yourself for working out. Well, these fitness apps take it in a different direction. CharityMiles tracks your distance, awarding you with 10 cents a mile for bikers, 25 cents a mile for runners or walkers—and then donates your earnings to the charity of your choice.

Pact offers a reward that will really motivate: you can earn, or lose, money if you don’t keep your fitness contract. It’s flexible, with a choice of three Pacts, so whether you want to eat more veggies, hit the gym, or make better food choices by food logging, Pact lets you earn cash for living healthily (and is paid out by the members who fail to keep their goals). Now your workout is really paying off!

Schedule a Regular Workout Time

Pencil it in. Figure out the best time for a workout—and stick to it! Keep your exercise items, like your shorts, shoes, yoga ball, Promax Protein Bars, and weights in plain sight. It will serve as a constant reminder that you will be using these things that day–and help combat any time crunch. Knowing exactly when you will use them is even better. Plus, by giving yourself easy access to them, it’s a lot harder to come up with reasons not to actually use them.

It won’t always be easy. Sometimes, you might slip up. Push through that workout! Use our tips to stay on top of your fitness goals—and hopefully keep any slip-ups to a minimum.

For more information about Promax, check out our product page or our blog.

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