10 Reasons to Start Running


Picture it: you wake up, get dressed, grab an energy bar, and head out into the early morning light. Your purpose—running. Running is, by far, one of the most popular forms of exercise today. When you run, you can get your heart rate up quickly, helping you burn calories. Over time, your body will build up more stamina, and you will be able to run even longer distances. Running and fitness go hand-in-hand. However, if you are new to the world of running, it can seem a little intimidating. Here are 10 reasons why you should add running to your daily exercise routine.

1.      Fewer doctor visits — When you are physically active, especially an intense activity like running, you lower your chances of developing breast and/or colon cancer. It can also help lower your blood pressure with just a few weeks of regular running.

2.      Longer life — Runners have shown to have a longer life span than those who don’t actively run. They also tend to have fewer disabilities.

3.      Burn, baby, burn — Running is one of the best ways to burn calories fast. A person who weighs around 150-160 pounds can burn up to 800 calories in an hour.

4.      No limits — Unlike other exercises that require special equipment and locations, as long as you have a good pair of running shoes, you can run anywhere and anytime. Not only do you have freedom, you can also save lots of money on expensive gym memberships and equipment.

5.      Mental health — Regular exercise, such as running, can keep you mentally fit, as well as physically fit, even reducing signs of dementia as you get older.

6.      Be social — Running is a great way to meet new people. Whether you join a gym or just run at the park, you will find lots of other runners along the way.

7.      Bring a pet — Running is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog. It’s also a great way to make sure your furry friend gets his exercise, too!

8.      All weather — With running, you can run outside when it’s beautiful weather, and when the weather is yucky, you can hit the treadmill. You will never have to miss a running session due to the weather, because it is such a versatile exercise.

9.      Keep calm — Running has been shown to boost the levels of serotonin in your brain, which helps keep you feeling relaxed and calm.

10.  A good night’s sleep — Running, like other exercises, helps you to get a more restful sleep at night, which means you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the world.

Now that you have more than enough reasons to start running, go ahead and put on your running shoes—it’s time for you to hit the road to a long and healthy life.

To learn more about the benefits of running, and how our bars can help fuel your body before and after a long run, contact us at Promax Nutrition.

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Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Parfait – #MAXMunchies


Either for breakfast, late night snack or for quick bite on-the-go, this simple #MAXMunchies recipe is a MUST TRY! Doer Kim Hoeltje used our Lemon Bar to whip this delicious treat.


  • 1 Lemon Promax Bar
  • 1/2 cup Blueberry Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup favorite cereal
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup fresh blueberries


  1. Chop bar into small pieces
  2. Layer yogurt, cereal, blueberries and bar
  3. Enjoy!

**Works great with all flavors of bars and yogurt! Try different fruit and cereal or even add some granola, chocolate chips or nuts!


Try out this #MAXMunchies recipe on your own and share your pictures on our Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr or Instagram.

Don’t forget the Original Promax Lemon Bar!

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Fitness and Nutrition Myths Debunked

Fitness Coaching

Good nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. However, there are so many untruths out there that it can be hard to sort the fact from the fiction. One person might tell you that you have to exercise every day to see results. Another may say that you only need to exercise a couple of times each week. Someone might say that you need to eat five balanced meals every day, while another might encourage a special diet with a workout bar thrown in here and there. So, how do you figure out what is and isn’t true about nutrition and fitness? Here are some common myths you might run across, and the truth behind each one:

– Never eat right after a workout — This myth has people believing that eating immediately following a workout only adds unnecessary calories. However, the truth is that your body needs to be refueled after a hard workout. You can even improve your body’s composition by fueling it with the right nutrition within 30 minutes of a workout. This is where a protein bar can come in handy.

– Never eat carbs — The truth is that all carbs are NOT bad. Yes, there are bad carbs out there, but carbs actually give us energy. You just have to choose the right carbs, such as the ones found in whole grains, fruits, and veggies.

– Avoid eating before a workout — Yet another myth that hurts more than it helps. Just as your body needs fuel after a workout, it needs fuel to get through the workout. So, get your snack on before you hit the gym—just make sure it’s a healthy, fueling snack, such as one of our workout bars.

– Avoid in-between meal snacks — This myth can be particularly misleading. Yes, eating too much can work against you on your journey to fitness. However, eating 5-6 small, healthy meals every day is actually a good thing. The constant source of fuel keeps your metabolism running at full steam, as well as keeps your blood sugar at the perfect level. Just make sure you choose well-balanced meals and snacks.

– Eating as little as possible will help you lose weight — Here is another harmful myth that many people fall victim to—the myth of starvation. Sure, you can starve your body, and you may even see a few minor results. But then your body realizes that it’s starving. So, instead of burning more calories, it goes into starvation mode, which means your metabolism is barely running as your body tries to conserve all fuel and energy. Eating right is the key to losing weight and getting fit.

– As long as you work out, you can eat what you want — While it would be great if this myth was true, the fact is that if you want the best results, then you need to use the best fuel—in this case, proper nutrition. So, cut out the junk food, exercise, and give yourself an occasional “cheat,” now and then, to keep the cravings at bay.

To learn more about fitness and nutrition, contact us today at Promax Nutrition.

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Muscle Building Tips for Beginning Bodybuilders

Young man lifting the barbell in the gym.

You’ve been hitting the weights. You’ve been doing the strength exercises. You’ve been eating your protein bars. But you’re still not building the muscle mass you want. What are you doing wrong? There are a lot of factors and decisions, both big and small, that can affect how much muscle your workout routine is adding to your body, and making just a couple of wrong choices can mean you’re putting in a whole lot of work and sweat for lackluster results. If you’re new to the world of bodybuilding and really want to add on some serious bulk, here are some workout tips that you might have forgotten about that could help you get the results you want:

Get lots of sleep – It may seem like serious bodybuilders are always active, but that’s hardly the case. Serious bodybuilders know that they need to get plenty of sleep every day to see real gains in their muscle mass. Your body does most of its growing and repairing while you’re asleep, meaning that if you’re not getting your 8 hours every night, your body isn’t being given the proper time to develop all that muscle you’ve been working so hard to build. If you’re serious about gaining muscle mass, remember that your sleep time is just as important as your workout time.

Perfect your form first – A lot of new bodybuilders want to get straight to the serious lifting and, in their rush to get results, they skip perfecting their basic form first. Learning proper lifting form may seem like a trivial detail, but it’s an important step in mastering the art of bodybuilding. If you don’t perfect your form first, you’ll develop bad habits that will not only be hard to break later, but that will lessen your results and possibly even lead to injury down the road. Don’t be in a rush to skip the basics. Work on your basic form for every exercise and muscle group and, once you’ve got them down, start worrying about your weight levels and other details. If you’re not sure what the basics are, do some research online to find tips and videos from the experts or look into hiring a personal trainer.

Take days off – Something a lot of beginning bodybuilders forget about is taking breaks between workout days. It may seem like hitting the weights every day will get you better results, but in fact it’s making your body more sore and tired, and probably reducing the results you’re getting from your workouts. Take a day off between workout days to recover, and you’ll be able to maximize your results for each workout.

Eat before and after your workout – Expert bodybuilders often meticulously plan their meals to get maximum results, but beginners don’t need to worry about that level of detail yet. What is important for beginners is to make sure to eat meals containing both protein and carbohydrates before and after workouts. This gives your body fuel for the workout itself, and energy to burn afterwards so that new muscle can be built.

For more workout tips and nutrition information, read our Promax Nutrition blog.


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Maximize Your Nutrition with Fresh Recipes Using Protein Bars

protein bars, recipe

While working out and staying fit, it is important to get the protein you need. Your muscles depend on this vital nutrient to repair cells from workout and to build that critical lean body mass. So besides maximizing your protein in every meal, you carry protein bars with you for those frequent snacks.

But did you know that if you are using protein bars only for quick on-the-go snacks and post-workout pick-me-ups, you are missing out on so many opportunities to refuel while eating well. Today we’re sharing ten of our favorite ways to use protein bars in our daily diet.

1. Crumble protein bars over oatmeal or cereal. Your quick bowl of fiber each morning is heavy on carbs and light on the protein until you use protein bars to fill the gap. Add some fresh berries, swirl some maple syrup or honey over the top, and add crumbled protein bar on top to start your morning right.

2. Layer chopped protein bars with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. For the ultimate satisfying breakfast with both taste and the protein you need, alternate layers of chopped bar, berries or jam, and Greek yogurt. You’ll be licking the parfait glass clean.

3. Smear with peanut butter or chocolate peanut butter. Grab your protein bar and smear peanut butter or better yet, chocolate peanut butter on it for a satisfying treat.

4. Kick up that salad with protein bar topping. A salad is an easy-out for group lunch or brown bags, but without protein you just aren’t satisfied. Top your next bowl of greens with chopped protein bar and stay right on track with your diet goals.

5. Snack on bars with fine cheese. Mid-afternoon means you’re ready for your tea and crumpets, er, protein bar. Make your mid-afternoon break more fulfilling with squares of sharp cheddar or goat cheese paired with your favorite protein bar.

6. Build a better trail mix. Chop up two protein bars and mix with dried fruit, chocolate chips, and shaved coconut for a delicious trail mix you will binge on. Hide it before the coworkers steal it.

7. Make a grown-up PB&J. Slice your protein bars thin vertically, and spread with nut butter and preserves. Just try not to lick your fingers in public.

8. Double dip them. Protein bars make decadent desserts, too. Dip bars in chocolate and let harden overnight for sweet late-night treats. If you can wait that long.

9. Create ice cream sandwiches to be proud of. Slice protein bars thin and spread with slightly-softened frozen yogurt or gelato. Separate each sandwich with wax paper and refreeze on baking sheets for a dessert to look forward to.

10. Bake in a cobbler. In a greased casserole dish, layer slices of apples, pears, and/or peaches. Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon, ginger, and brown sugar. Top with chopped protein bars and drizzle with melted butter. Bake at 375 degrees for thirty to forty-five minutes or until golden and bubbly.

If you’re in need of a recipe, check out our Pinterest #MAXMunchies board for some ideas. Have Promax recipe of your own? Contact us, let us know and we’ll feature it as our next Max Munchie!

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8 Ways to Evaluate Your Overall Fitness


Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness trainer, it’s easy to slip up into bad habits. That’s why it’s important to regularly check your technique and motivations. Each season, ask yourself these questions to evaluate your progress. Remember, fitness is not just about how much you can bench press, how far you run, or how much you weigh. It’s a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Check yourself today against these measurements for real success and make any needed changes.

1. Are you too competitive?
Does your fitness partner feel like you have to one-up him? Is your social media all about your latest time? No one likes a show-off, so keep your focus where it should be – achieve your goals, celebrate your success, and be ready to celebrate the achievements of others.

2. Do you focus on problems rather than progress?
On the flip side, let’s not be all negative, either. Do you look in the mirror and only see “problem areas”? Do you take time to celebrate your achievements? And do you refrain from badmouthing your body or your fitness to others? Instead, make note of your progress toward your goals and take satisfaction in the journey.

3. Are you pushing too much too soon?
There is a danger of over-fatigue, especially when you are just starting out. Be patient with your body and be sure to ease into any new routine. Rest well after workouts and be sure to refuel with a protein bar within thirty minutes to aid recovery.

4. Are you losing sight of your long-term goals?
There will be good days and bad days, and events come and go. Any one event, though, doesn’t make or break your long-term fitness. Keep watching for long-term progress and be patient during plateaus and set-backs. They don’t define you.

5. Are you inconsistent?
So when you keep that long-term goal in front of you, remember that progress is made up of small decisions. Keep going on those off-days, and your progress will be apparent soon.

6. Are you generally active?
Fitness isn’t just a run around the block then life on the couch. Increase your activity every chance you get and those small changes pay off. Enjoy active recreation on the weekend, and wear a pedometer during the work week to encourage more movement.

7. Do you neglect strength training?
Over time, the average adult loses critical muscle mass. That lean muscle is so important for recovery after workout and for burning calories throughout the day. Be sure to maintain strength-building exercises in your workout to guard against injury and weakness.

8. How is your diet?
It is so important to maintain a healthy diet to ensure your body gets the nutrients you need for an active lifestyle. Be sure you are getting the protein and vitamins you need for both your long-term health and weight loss goals.
Looking for a perfect protein bar as a workout aid, meal replacement or on-the-go snack? Check out the range of our great tasting Promax bars and see how function meets flavors.

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Apply These 4 Secrets to Be Beach-Ready Before Summer

summer fitness

You know by now there is no quick short-cut to the perfect beach body. Like everything else in life, fitness requires hard work, dedication, and consistency.

But you can make significant progress in the next four to six weeks and see dramatic improvement in your swimsuit physique. Just practice these four diet and exercise tips, and you’ll be well on your way.

1. Increase your cardio workout.
You already know regular exercise is the key to physical fitness. To maintain your current shape, continue exercising every other day for twenty to thirty minutes. However, if your goal is to lose weight fast, it’s time to increase your cardio workout. Aim for every day for thirty to sixty minutes. You can vary your workout, too, adding jogging, running, biking, elliptical, swimming, or even stair climbing.

2. Increase your weight training.
Cardio exercise gets you good fat-burning results, but did you know strength training is just as important, if not more important? Lift weights and add resistance for sculpting and toning. Strength training will increase your lean body mass, which boosts your metabolism and helps your body burn more calories not only during workouts but also while resting. Don’t wait to add weights to your workout.

3. Eat more often.
It may feel counter-intuitive, but more frequent meals are the key to weight-loss success. Rather than starving yourself between two or three daily meals, be consistent with five or six smaller meals. More frequent eating keeps your metabolism high, elevates your mood, and protects against sudden over-eating. If you are aiming for 1200-1500 calories a day, that means 300-400 calories per meal and 150 calorie snacks.

Be careful to log your eating, exercise, and energy levels. If you notice yourself fatiguing early or crashing every afternoon, you may not be consuming enough calories to fuel your increased exercise. To keep your progress steady, consider increasing your caloric intake by 300-500 calories to see if that helps.

4. Eat more protein.
Protein is the powerhouse fuel for your fitness regimen. There are many reasons top athletes prefer protein. First of all, protein requires up to 30% of its own calories just to digest the meat; this results in fewer net calories. You will eat more, feel full, but have fewer net calories with protein. Secondly, protein contains key nutrients for building lean body mass, the key ingredient for increased metabolism and successful strength training.

It is important, however, to not exclude all carbs from a healthy diet. Aim to consume about forty to fifty percent of calories from carbohydrates and thirty to forty percent of calories from protein. Evaluate your progress over a few weeks to see how your fitness goals are going and how you feel on this ratio before increasing proteins yet more. Besides eggs, meat, and fish, protein bars are a healthy part of a high-protein diet for fitness and weight loss.

To learn more about nutrition and exercise, contact us today at Promax Nutrition.

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Exercise Tips for Beginners

Gym coach helping girl

Experienced athletes and fitness professionals already know the right and wrong way to get the most from their exercise programs. They know how to fuel their body with protein bars before and after workouts; they know which exercises will best achieve desired results; and they know how to push their body without breaking it. Beginners to the world of exercise are not on the same fitness level, so they need to keep some handy tips in mind as they begin their own fitness journey.

– Make sure you are physically able to exercise. This might include a visit to your doctor to get the okay, especially if you have any health issues, such as knee problems, blood pressure problems, or heart problems. Get the green light from a professional before you start your exercise program.

– Remember that you are a beginner. It can be easy to dive headfirst into exercising and throw caution to the wind. But you will pay for overdoing it, and you can even seriously hurt your body. Instead, opt for a beginner’s program that will gradually ease you into more strenuous workouts. These programs won’t have you working out five days a week until your body is physically ready for that much exercise.

– Make sure you have the right equipment. This includes the proper shoes and clothing for the activities you plan on doing. For instance, if you are going to run, you need running shoes that are designed to support your feet the right way. If you are hitting a bike trail on your bicycle, then you need to make sure your clothes are form-fitting to keep anything from getting tangled up in the wheels or chain.

– Know when to stop. If you are feeling too much discomfort during your exercise routine, it is okay to take a break. Yes, you want to raise your heartrate, but you don’t want to wind up in cardiac arrest. If you feel any chest pains, severe muscle cramps, or other serious symptoms, stop exercising immediately.

– If you are going to a gym and training with a personal trainer, make sure he/she knows that you are a beginner, and mention any health concerns you have. Your trainer will design a program specifically to meet your needs.

– Avoid stretching until your muscles are warmed up. Doing some minor warmup exercises will get your muscles ready for action. Then, you can do some stretches. If you stretch before you warm up, you can put yourself at risk for an injury. Your muscles need to be eased into the exercise process every time, rather than going full-force without warming up.

– Keep your expectations reasonable. You are not going to see instant results as a beginner. You have to work up to the more strenuous workouts, the ones that are going to have a bigger impact on your fitness. So, be patient, keep working out, and eventually you will see the results you want.

To learn more about fitness and exercise, whether you are a beginner or an old pro, contact us today at Promax Nutrition.

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The Wrong and Right Ways to Use a Workout Bar

Promax bar

When you reach for a yummy workout bar, you probably don’t give much thought to whether you are using the bar in the right manner. After all, you are eating it in place of a sugary, fatty snack, so you must be on the right track, right? Well, the answer is “probably not.” If you are not eating these bars at the right times, and for the right reasons, you won’t get any benefits from eating them. Let’s take a closer look at the wrong and right ways to use these bars.

The Wrong Way

The wrong way to use these bars is easy—don’t use them as a total meal replacement all of the time. Instead, add them into your daily diet in appropriate places, which we will discuss in the next section of this article. Another wrong way to use these bars is to eat them for all of your daily snacks. These bars are packed full of different proteins, carbs, and nutrients. However, they are not made to be munched on twelve times a day. Finally, another wrong way to use these bars is to depend on them to lose weight. These are not weight-loss bars. They are not going to melt away the pounds. They need to be a part of a well-rounded diet and exercise plan.

The Right Way

Now, on to the right ways to use these bars. As mentioned, these bars need to be a part of a well-rounded diet and exercise plan. So, don’t depend solely on the bars to help you lose weight. Also, don’t depend on the bars as a meal replacement every day of the week. Instead, add the bars where they will be must useful during the day—before and after a workout. They are, after all, workout bars, so they need to be utilized as such. These bars are not “snack” bars. They are meant to fuel your body with necessary nutrients. When is the best time for fueling? Before and after a workout!

Using these bars before a workout will give your body everything it needs to get through the workout, no matter how grueling it may be. Then, after the workout, you can gnaw on another bar or the other half of your bar. This will help replenish everything your body lost during the workout. It will also keep that metabolism working properly, so when you do sit down for a meal, your body handles the  calories the right way.

So, there you have it—the wrong and right ways to use these kinds of bars. It is rather simple—t use them before and after workouts. Now, if you do need a quick pick-me-up every once in a while during the day, you can eat a bar. Just try not to make it a habit. There is no magic bar that is going to get your body fit and trim. Instead, pay attention to your diet and exercise plan, and you will soon see results.

To learn more about nutrition and exercise, contact us today at Promax Nutrition.

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Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Drizzle – #MAXMunchies

Max Munchies, dessert, peanut butter, ice cream

This month we have a special protein packed dessert made from DOer, Kim Hoeltje. For all the peanut butter or ice cream lovers, this is a recipe you’ll want to try!


1 cup no sugar added vanilla ice cream (Turkey Hill)
1 Promax LS Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bar
2 T PB2


1. Scoop ice cream into bowl
2. Chop bar into bite sized pieces and add to ice cream
3. Add water to PB2 to make a real peanut butter consistency
4. Drizzle PB2 all over the top!!

Total Macros: 425 calories 9F 67C 29P

**Looking for a smaller treat?? Use one serving of ice cream and just half of a protein bar! Still delicious!!


Try out this #MAXMunchies recipe on your own and share your pictures on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram.

Don’t forget the Promax LS Peanut Butter Cookie Dough!


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