A Time of Reflection

It’s time to celebrate what you’ve achieved this year! If we always keep our focus on the future, we can forget to reflect on the progress we’ve made in the last year. December is a time for warmth and enjoying life with family and friends so it’s a perfect time to acknowledge the hard work you’ve put toward improving your well-being. Even if you haven’t reached your goal yet, it’s good to revisit your year and make note of your progress.

Promax can help you maintain this momentum on your path to success. Properly fueling your workouts will give you the replenishing protein, plus vitamins and minerals needed to continue building your healthy body. During this time of celebration, you may also need a way to remind yourself that exercise is still a priority in your life, even if you aren’t able to make it to the gym for several days.

Here are some easy ways to stay on the right track during the holidays:Promax Nutrition Holiday Greeting
1. While wrapping presents, complete 10 burpees for each gift you wrap.
2. Shoveling snow is a workout on its own: one hour burns about 400 calories.
3. Add a physical challenge when playing favorite board games, for example, “Passing Go” means 10 jumping jacks.
4. Enjoy a Promax Original Bar which contains a 2:1 carb to protein ratio to get the energy and recovery you need to stay fueled during this busy season.

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How to Eat Before and After You Lift

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The Best Exercises for Arm Day

In conjunction with healthy energy bars, you can take arm day to the next level by switching up your workout routine. Changing your workout routine is essential for building muscles. The body becomes complacent, over time, when you complete the same exercises all the time. This contributes to plateaus. Avoid this by knowing when to change your routine and when to take a break. In addition, you can try some of the exercises below:

  1. Standing Dumbbell Reverse Curl: This exercise is just like the bicep curl, but it does it in a slightly different manner. Start by standing with feet about a foot apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand, with palms facing backward. Bend at the elbow and pull the dumbbell up to the front of your shoulder keeping the palm facing outward. You will end with the dumbbells in front of your shoulders and your palms facing forward. , Slowly lower the weights. Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps for size gains and 12-15 reps for strength and muscular endurance.
  2. Hammer Curls: Stand with the feet a foot apart and have a dumbbell in each hand at your side with palms facing your thighs.  Start with one side, bend your elbow and pull the dumbbell up to the front your shoulder. The dumbbell should be held with the weighted ends vertical so that your palm stays in the same position as the start. After you lower one arm, lift the other. Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps for size gains and 12-15 for strength and muscular endurance.
  3. EZ-Bar Curl: Stand with your feet one foot apart and hold and EZ bar bar in front of you with both hands, palms up. Bend at your elbows and pull the bar up towards your chin. . Hold the bar for one second and slowly lower it. Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps for size gains and 12-15 for strength and muscular endurance
  4. Chin-Up: To do a chip-up, you need a pull-up bar. Place your hands shoulder-width distance apart with your palms facing towards you. Pull yourself up to the bar at chin height by contracting your arms and back muscles.. Then slowly lower and do it again. You should be able to complete 3 sets of 6-8 reps. If this exercise is too hard, you can develop the necessary strength by performing the Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down exercise for a few weeks.
  5. Close-Grip Bench Press: You’ll need a weight bench and a spotter (for safety) to do this exercise. Place your hands approximately 6 inches apart on the  bar.. Take the bar off the pegs, lower it to the middle of  chest, and then push from your arms to return to the starting position again. The movement needs to be slow and controlled. Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps of this exercise for size gains and 12-15 for strength and muscular endurance
  6. The Dip: For this exercise, you need parallel bars. You can dip by holding yourself up on the bars with your arms, and lifting your legs under your buttocks. Lower your whole body slowly with your arms, as if you were doing a pushup (same arm movement). Do 3 sets of 8-10 for size gains and 12-15 for strength and muscular endurance . This exercise works your arms and upper chest muscles.

These are just a handful of exercises that you can try when working out on arm day. All of them are designed to build up arm muscle, not maintain what you have. Many of these exercises are the type that body builders use to add muscle mass to their arms. You should take a few rest days after completing these exercises and focus on a different part of the body.

For more great exercises and nutrition advice, contact us at Promax.

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New Years Resolution: Start with Promax Protein Bars

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The Top 10 Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

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Finding Balance and Strength During Holiday Chaos

Finding Balance and Strength During Holiday Chaos
Achieving Balance

With all the food, family and parties packed into such a short time period, achieving balance during the upcoming holiday season can be tough for anyone. And it’s no secret, during this time of year, women are often the driver for making the holidays “sparkle” for their families, which can put fitness on the backburner. The Women’s Strength Nation™ movement is all about improving a woman’s health through strength training and conditioning, as well as nutrition. These tools can help women discover and cultivate a deeper sense of physical, personal and spiritual strength – who couldn’t use more of that this time of year?

Before we’re in the midst of the holiday season, take time to create an action plan to make sure you won’t run out of time for your sweat sessions. Scheduling workouts by writing them into your calendar can be helpful. I like to plan workouts first thing in the morning, and it also gives me energy I can use all day long! Find times that make sense and are realistic for you. Remember, if you prioritize a little bit of time for yourself, you’ll have more of yourself to give to your loved ones. Your strength-training program will give you the added resilience, stamina and personal strength that you’ll want during the chaos of the season. Take a minute now to write out a reasonable fitness plan that you can adhere to for the next 60 days.

Additionally, if you’re not able to take time out and sit down to a well-balanced meal, eating a Promax LS (Lower Sugar) Low Net Carb bar is an easy way to re-fuel on the go, especially during holiday shopping. With only 3 grams of sugar, it’s a satisfying alternative to typical fast food options, and, they come in two delicious flavors: Honey Peanut and Chocolate Mint! Staying fit and eating right will give you the strength (literally) to handle all that comes your way this season, and help you start the New Year putting your best foot forward.

Top 3 Tips For Finding Balance and Strength During the Holidays
Read More About Womens Strength Nation

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A Comprehensive Review of Recovery Products

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6 Tips for Working Out the Right Way

Working out — we all need to do it, and in many cases, we avoid it. Working out is strenuous exercise, but the benefits are unbeatable. Healthy protein bars like the ones we offer can assist in reaching your goals, but you also have to do some actual work to see results. If you are finally ready to start working out regularly, or if you already work out, but want to make your sessions better, here are some tips from Promax to help you make the most of your sweat session.

  1. Fuel your body the right way before and after your workout. You may not realize it, but properly fueling your body is going to help you achieve maximum results with your workout. Before working out, you want to make sure your body has enough fuel to power through the workout without causing digestive upset. After, you want to make sure that your body reaps the benefits of the workout by refueling with foods that assimilate into your body quickly.
  2. Change things up and stay focused. When you’re working out, change your speed and intensity levels. This gives your muscles the variety they need to stimulate progress. Make sure you stay focused during your workout too, because there is a connection between the mind and the body — staying focused on what you are doing and the areas of your body being addressed can help you achieve the best results.
  3. Cycle your workouts between moderate and hard effort levels. Your muscles will see the most results if you lift heavy weights for a few weeks, then go back to a lighter set of weights for one week. Variety is the spice of life, so give your muscles a break and still reap the rewards.
  4. Save the stretching for after you are finished. Instead of stretching before a workout, do it after you are done. Your muscles are warmed up and ready to stretch, increasing your flexibility. Stretching beforehand can actually make you a bit weaker and hinder your workout results.
  5. Make room for heat. Whether it’s a sauna or a hot tub, if you can find the time to sit in the warmth after a workout, your body will enjoy the benefits. Different studies have demonstrated that heat exposure after a workout can increase your overall muscle mass over time. Even though the increase is a small percentage, every little bit counts, right?
  6. Keep your form. When working out, make sure your body form is perfect. The last thing you want to do is wind up targeting a different area of your body because your form is off. Even worse, if your form isn’t right, you run the risk of injury, which will only set your workout goals back even further.

Making the most of a workout isn’t hard. You can always seek the advice of a personal trainer at your gym for even more workout tips. As you work out, just keep one thing in mind — the results may not come easily, but they will be worth every bit of effort.

For more information about fueling your body, contact us here at Promax Nutrition.


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Fall Favorites Giveaway

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