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Compartmentalization with the Task at Hand

Compartmentalization With The Task At Hand
Dealing With Compartmentalization

Being a Marine fighter pilot requires absolute focus. Distractions can be disastrous. But how is this accomplished? Pilots have the same stressors and diversions in life as everyone else. There are always challenges at work and project deadlines; our kids get sick or in trouble at school; and our relationships can be extremely difficult, especially with all the time away from home. It’s difficult to minimize distractions in our lives and it requires practice and determined will.

To help deal with this, pilots have a concept called “Compartmentalization.” Think of your mind as one of those organizing desks with all the different cubby holes. Also picture a small door covering each slot.

There’s a compartment for every subject in your life. Every subject gets its own compartment. When it’s time to do something, you pull out all the information related to doing that one thing and focus on that and ONLY that. When it’s time to fly a mission, every other subject is put away into their own compartments and the doors are closed.

When You Are In The Moment, Be In The Moment
This Is How We Focus

There will be time to think about them later, but they are not allowed to enter your mind during this time.

“When you are in the moment, be in the moment.”

That is how we focus, and it can help you too. Compartmentalization can apply to everything we do in life and is specifically beneficial when applied to your workouts, no matter what you are training for.

When it comes time to train your body, clear your mind of all distractions. Be completely consumed with the task at hand. Focus your thoughts on every movement, analyzing and correcting form. Concentrate on being strong and steady. We have such limited time available to physically improve ourselves. By giving yourself over to it 100% mentally, you will maximize your time and your self-improvements.

You’ll feel better physically, mentally and emotionally-refreshed and ready to take on all those things waiting in those other compartments!

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How to Improve Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Taking care of your body is essential so that you can make the most out of your daily workout routine. In order to make sure that your workout is effective you will need to be intelligent with your pre- and post-workout nutrition plan. Not only do you need to know what vitamins and minerals you need to boost your energy and speed up recovery time, it is also good to have a plan for what food you will eat to meet your goals.

Prior to your workout, eat foods that will provide you the energy you need to reach your maximum potential. Doing so will allow you to complete more reps and lift heavier weights. A half hour before you plan to workout, choose an easily digestible protein and a fast carbohydrate. Examples include:

– A glass of skim milk

– Low fat milk and a banana

– Protein smoothie

– Low fat string chees with an apple

– Hard boiled egg and fresh fruit

– Non-fat yogurt with low fat granola

Foods that are low in fat and fiber before your workout can help you reach peak performance levels when you need them most. After your workout you want to restore your glycogen stores in your body in order to recover your muscles. Since your body uses sugar stored in your muscles and blood for energy during a workout, you’ll need to replenish your levels once you are done. Examples of post-workout foods to eat include:

– Vegetables and chicken

– Quinoa

– Protein bars

– Turkey wrap

– Tuna

– Chocolate milk

With proper pre- and post-workout nutrition you will be able to get the most out of your workout routine each and every time.




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Why the Combination of Carbs + Protein Is Essential

A good diet that allows you to lose weight relies heavily on striking a balance. This means you need to find the right amount of carbs and protein to support your metabolism. Luckily, it is not hard to do this, since you can add nutrition bars, vitamins, and healthy meals to your day to be successful in gaining muscle and losing weight.

Getting the right amount of protein is essential for the growth of muscle, hair, skin, and bones. Your body cannot store the protein that comes from foods, so you have to make sure you are eating enough of it each day. When you add protein to your diet, make sure it falls under the complete protein category. This includes poultry, fish, red meat, and milk. Some plants offer incomplete proteins, which are still helpful. For the best results, you should eat a variety of high protein foods throughout the day..

Fiber, sugars, and starch are all considered different kinds of carbohydrates. Carbs provide energy to the body and are essential to your health. The body converts complex carbs into simple carbs in the form of glucose, to fuel your brain and muscles. Most foods contain some kind of simple or complex carb. You can find carbs in milk, honey, fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. For the best results, avoid processed foods and get your carbs from fresh, whole foods.

Protein and carbohydrates work together to keep your body healthy and functioning. The carbs you eat give you energy, while the protein builds muscles, skin, and hair. Both are needed in order to stabilize blood sugar and are best when eaten together. Simply put, without carbs, your body would not be able to function. In addition, without protein, you could not build muscle or grow skin and hair. They are equally essential!

This is why it is important to eat a combination of protein and carbs, especially around your workouts. Eating a good balance of both protein and carbs allows you to build muscle faster, which means you will burn more calories while active and at rest. This, in turn, helps you to lose weight and speed up your metabolism. The more active you are, the more important your daily nutrition is. It’s important to eat the right foods, nutrients and calories to support your fitness goals.

When you focus on your health, you must make sure you eat the right foods. To get your daily serving of carbs, you must consume 3 to 8 servings of whole grains, 2 cups of fruit, and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables. To get enough protein, you must eat several servings of complete proteins per day. Great sources of protein are: low fat dairy, chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat, eggs and egg whites, isolated protein powders, tofu, tempeh, nutrition bars and isolated vegetable protein powders.

A well-balanced meal should offer a decent amount of protein and complex carbs. The easiest way to do this is to eat meals that include a lean protein, lots of vegetables, a small serving of grains, and a dash of healthy fat. Meals using this combination will retrain the body to start burning off fat and keep you energized.

For more information on how our delicious bars can help you maintain proper nutrition, contact us at Promax Nutrition.


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