Promax fitness expert Joel Harper presents Promax Fit ‘n Crisp bars on QVC

Posted in Media | August 20, 2012

Philly Burbs

Philly Burbs: Helps Spread the Word about the I am the Next DOer Contest

Posted in Media | August 14, 2012

The Chalkboard

The Chalkboard: The Chalkboard shows why strength training is important

The Chalkboard shows why strength training is important

Posted in Media | – Awesome contest alert! Promax awards its next DOer

Posted in Media | August 7, 2012

BoxLife Magazine – Check out Promax DOer Kacie Fischer discussing her mission to inline skate across America

Kacie Fischer discussing her mission

Posted in Media | July 29, 2012

Nautica 360 Blog: Check out Promax Fit ‘n Crisp as a favorite snack to keep you fueled up and energized


Posted in Media | July 26, 2012

The Women’s Eye: Promax DOer Kacie Fischer breaks Guinness World Record


Posted in Media | July 13, 2012

Fox 30 Jacksonville: Promax DOer Kacie Fischer inline skates across America

Kacie Fischer Inline Skates Across America

Posted in Media | June 18, 2012

First Coast Connect: Promax DOer Kacie Fischer breaks Guinness World Record

Play the audio

Posted in Media | Learn more about Promax DOers Learn More About Promax Doers

Posted in Media | June 13, 2012

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