Promax® Nutrition ( introduces Promax Crunch, a new line of gluten- free, high protein bars with a great nutty taste and major crunch. This multi-purpose bar is great for keeping you fueled through your workout. It’s also a convenient on-the-go snack for outdoor enthusiasts or a meal replacement bar for when you need something quick, delicious, and nutritious. Promax Crunch can do it all.

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FOODREVIEW101.COM: CORE LINE REVIEW’s review of Promax’s core line

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Follow Promax DOer Kacie Fischer as she skates across the country

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Could you survive on nothing but nutrition bars? Follow Men’s Fitness assistant editor on his attempt to do so!

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Why did Vital Juice nickname PromaxLS as a “Magic Bullet?” Find out here!

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Check out the Promax DOers on’s Fast Fitness Tips from the Experts

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Promax Nutrition™ ( is teaming up with an all-new group of DOers, This year, those DOers include Dance/Fitness duo Billy Blanks Jr. and wife Sharon Catherine Blanks, Fitness Model and Trainer Robert Marting, Pilates Guru and Trainer Holly Perkins, Former Pro Soccer Player/TV Sports Host Temryss Lane, Mountain Biker Alex Bandanza, and Extreme Rollerblader/CrossFit trainer Kacie Fischer.

These six DOers were either hand-selected by Promax for their outstanding dedication to fitness, or they worked hard to win their 2012 Promax DOer title — regardless of how they got it, they are all pushing their physical limits to the max and spreading their infectious enthusiasm for health and well-being on and off the field/studio/gym. Each is an expert in his/her field and all are die hard Promax fans.

You can catch the 2012 DOers blogging, providing tips and exercise routines on behalf of Promax, and at various events across the country – maybe you’ll even get to dance alongside the Blanks or skate with Kacie on her cross country tour!

“Although this year’s Promax DOers all pursue different sports/fitness regimens, each exemplify the core values of the brand,” says Simon Goode, CEO of Promax Nutrition™. “For them, life really is go both on and off the field!’’

About DOers – DOers are everyday warriors for who live lift to the fullest. Each day is a new opportunity, a blank canvas on which to tinker, to try, to learn to live, to DO. For the DOers, Life is Go. You can learn more about the Promax 2012 DOers and stay up-to-date on all their fitness endeavors on the Promax website,

About Promax Nutrition™ – Promax Nutrition™ has been making high protein energy bars since 1996 and has built its reputation by offering the highest quality, great tasting bars. After more than a decade in business, more and more people recognize and trust the Promax® name for good nutrition. Today, with a wide range of products, Promax Nutrition™ is more committed than ever to developing innovative, convenient, and portable nutrition products for active people striving to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Join Promax’s online community by visiting the new website at, and connect with Promax through Facebook, and Twitter @PromaxNutrition.

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After finishing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run in 13th place as one of the “Talk Dirty to Me” team members this year, one of my teammates, Edith, suggested that we start training for the Tough Mudder this coming February and recruit only serious athletes to join our team. Edith had the feeling that since we finished in 13th place without really training, that with some radical adjustments, we could do much better. Without even knowing what the Tough Mudder was, I agreed. After a few weeks of Edith writing on my Facebook wall reminding me to register, I looked up the race. After visiting the site, I have to admit, I was more than a little intimidated. It didn’t help that Edith named our team, “The A Team, Pity the Fools.” As someone that used to watch the A Team, I knew that Edith meant business. She is one of the most hardcore athletes I know. Living up to our team’s name and feeling Mr. T’s A Team spirit, I have been training fairly heavily.

It has helped that during an average week, I teach 16 P.E. classes at a local elementary school (and often find myself playing a game of soccer with my students), teach 14 fitness classes at my Encinitas Fitness Studio (half of which I participate in), give 10 personal training sessions, and train on my own at least three times per week. I have dissected my days and the training I do on each that will prepare me for the Tough Mudder. If you follow these workouts, you will get in amazing shape and kick some serious Tough Mudder Grade A Team Booty.


  • Hill intervals:
  • 4x: Sprints (run up and down a hill 4 times)
  • 4x: Walking sideways cross-overs (In a squat position, cross outer leg over the leg facing the hill and do a squat. Take your next step by bringing you back leg out from the front leg, into a normal squat. Continue up the hill. To get down the hill, jog down. Repeat 4 times.)
  • 2x: High knee lunges with a tap down (Beginning at the bottom of the hill with your hands at your hips, bring your left knee up and reach your leg out into a deep lunge. While you are in a deep lunge, bring your hands down to the street touching your finger tips to the pavement, move your back leg forward and your knee up to your chest and repeat all the way up the hill. Jog down the hill.)

Obstacle course with 2 minute intervals:

  • Agility ladder: Perform hopscotch up the ladder (jump in one square and out the next as you would do with hopscotch) and moguls down the ladder (with each jump, have one foot in the square of the ladder and one foot out, alternate all the way)
  • Hula hoop frog jumps (hula hoops are placed down on the ground in a row of 8. Like a frog, perform big jumps in and out of the hula hoops, bringing your hands down to the ground with each jump)
  • Discs: crocodile run (run in a zig zag outside of 12 discs)
  • Skateboard deck hustle (use an old skateboard deck on the sand or grass. With your feet stationed on the each end of the deck, meander up 20 yards and back)
  • Ab workout (10 minutes)
  • Push-ups (50-100)
  • Parking lot lunges for 5 minutes with hand weights (walking lunges performed in a parking lot that is 150 yards long)
  • Parking lot squats for 5 minutes with hand weights (walking squats performed in a parking lot that is 150 yards long)
  • Free weights
  • Power Plate 5-10 minutes

TUESDAY – day of rest.


  • Walking squats and lunge warm up
  • Ab workout
  • 20-25 sets of stairs
  • 6-8 sprints
  • Cross over tap downs (Just like the cross over squats, but you bring your hands down to the ground with each cross over)
  • Lunges
  • Bear crawls (get on all four and walk 10 yards, then hustle back)
  • Spider crawls
  • Walking squat
  • Triceps dips
  • Mountain climbers
  • Russian dancers (find a raised surface like a curb or step and with your forearms together and your opposite hand on each elbow, tap your toes up, the faster you go, the more fun it becomes)
  • Wall push-ups (place the bottom of your feet against a wall and starting in a plank position, lower your self down. Repeat for 20)
  • Parking lot lunges and squats
  • Free weights


  • Easy day
  • 5-7 mile run

FRIDAY – day of rest


  • Free weights
  • 5-7 mile run
  • Every-other Saturday surf


  • Weights
  • 2 mile run
  • 20-25 sets of stairs

Follow my weekly training schedule and you could be participating in a Tough Mudder in no time!

Posted in Nutrition | December 14, 2011

Promax TRAIN LIKE A PRO contest winner, Joe Willy, reflects on training for the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Well, I had a good bit of pressure riding on my shoulders to run this world renown distance of 26.2 miles at the 3 hour mark. Experiencing slight tendinitis of my left knee during week two of November set me back on my training and the goal of a consistent 7 minute pace began to fade from my foresight. With only 27 days until marathon day, it held me back from running for just over two weeks, as I began icing it down and trying to gradually step away from the pain. As race day approached, I knew I would be able to complete the marathon with no problem, but the question was; what split times would I be hitting after my lack of training days? Was this due to over-training, under-stretching, insufficient nutrition intake, or just a wrong twist outside of running?

On race day, adrenaline kicked in and I was surrounded by a crowd of roughly 44,000 of my new closest friends. Who knew what pace would be bolting out of my legs as I cruised through the cold Vegas streets on the night of December 4th. You can train all you want, carb and rest up and fully prepare your mind and body for an event, but you never know what is possible when adrenaline steps in and a runner’s high taps you on the shoulders during mile 11 as your favorite tunes are providing the perfect BPM through your headphones.

Being that this was my first full marathon ever, I was happy to reach the finish line either way. Who knew what time I would cross the finish in? I felt as though my body’s endurance was capable of
maintaining my projected pace. The determining factor was whether or not my knee was. Hold strong, little buddy. It’s only a distance.

Never Stop Running,
-Joe Willy

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Promax’s Doer contest was so much fun for me! I was able to reconnect with old friends, teammates and coaches, however the best part was seeing how enthusiastic everyone was to help me win! After the official judges selected the top 20 contestants, the winner was to be determined from online voters (AKA anyone that has ever come in contact with me!) I am still apologizing for the harassing emails, texts and letters I sent out to my oversized extended family, present and pre-existing jobs, the entire produce department at my local grocery store, and even had the mail man excited about it!

Promax sent me to Hawaii with two round trip tickets and accommodations at the most amazing hotel on Kauai. Having never been to the island I explored everything from secret beaches, forbidden caves, scrambled through the grand canyon of the pacific, drank Mai Tais and even did a four day hike on the Na Pali Coast Trail, where at the end of the 11 mile trek got engaged to my best friend, Adam, after eating a romantic meal of instant pasta and canned tuna! I even traded my favorite flavor of Promax bar, which is Rocky Road, with an old man who lives in the Kalalau Valley for a hand-made bracelet made of rare shells from a forbidden island called Ne-E-How.


Now, back in reality, I work as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach in Orange County, California, training everyday competing in Tower Running (races up stairwells), half marathons, and for my current challenge, which is inline skating across the country! I will be skating more than 4,000 miles this upcoming April raising money and awareness for Special Olympics and attempting to break a few world records along the way! Check out our website and learn more about our journey! I am so excited to have Promax supporting me, and even more excited to help spread the word about these tasty protein bars! Thank You Promax!

Posted in News | November 23, 2011

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