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Dream Bar Becomes Reality

Promax Pro Series Bar In 1996 I was a young trainer in New York City. I lived on the Upper West Side and would pass by a Vitamin Shoppe everyday on my way to and from the fancy fitness center where I trained by clients. At that time, protein bars were a brand new concept. Can you imagine? It's so weird to look back now; I'll never forget the first time a client showed me this new bar that she found that had protein in it. “It's like a delicious candy bar with protein, and it's good for you!” I was enthralled. That night on my way home from work I stopped in to my Vitamin Shoppe to check out the most exciting thing to happen in the fitness industry since Rollerblades. The store clerk had to lead me to the section of protein bars. As I recall there were maybe three brands at the time. “Nutty Butter Crisp” screamed: “Holly! Holly! I was made just for you! And thus began my love of Promax bars. As the years rolled on, the bars rolled out. It seemed as though every time I turned around a new bar was appearing. Omg, this was beyond exciting. It was like, 42 different kinds of candy bars with protein! I tried them all. I have always considered myself a guinea pig for my clients and like to test out every diet, every workout, and every new food item on myself to determine if it's worthy of using with my esteemed clients. The low carb trend continued and more and more bars were being formulated to match consumer's dietary preferences. In theory this approach was great. It allowed people a high protein snack that wasn't overloaded with unnecessary sugar. Very quickly I discovered a problem. Low carb bars are great for times in between meals, as meal replacements, or anytime away from a workout. Around workouts, these bars were disaster. The human body runs on fuel. That fuel is mixture of carbohydrates (glucose) and fats. The percentage of each changes throughout the day for a variety of reasons. The biggest shift occurs during and around workouts when your muscles need carbohydrates to function. In fact, this is a critical time when your body really needs carbohydrates and protein. A few years ago I was utterly confused why a nutrition company hadn't released a bar truly designed for activity. This “dream bar” that I had conjured up in my head would have a close ratio of easily digested, non-soy protein, and some kind of simple sugar. See, workouts are the one time during the day when “sugar” is actually very beneficial. This bar would also have very little fat, and nearly no fiber. Both of these slow digestion, therefore causing digestive upset. The bar would have a limited number of ingredients without gluten, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. Oh, it has to taste delicious. It needed to remind me of a candy bar with protein. Long story, longer, the stars aligned last year and I teamed up with Promax Nutrition to create this dream bar. And let me tell you, a dream bar, it is. I am so beyond excited to tell you that Promax Nutrition is launching the perfect bar for use around workouts on August 19th! I will go as far as to say that the new Pro Series bar from Promax is the absolute perfect fuel around workouts. Yes, even better than real food. I know a good thing when I see it. When I do, I specifically step back and say: “This product is great. But don't listen to me; Try it out for yourself and see.” Once again I am enthralled. I am so happy to introduce you to the new Promax Pro Series bar.
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