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Rewarding Yourself the Healthy Way

Reward Yourself

If we know exercise is so good for us, then why do we always find ways to procrastinate our workouts? Sometimes the act of actually getting to the gym can be the hardest part of the process. It helps to create an informal reward system to stay motivated toward your fitness goals and work your way to better health. Rewards can be food-based, like incorporating great-tasting energy bars into regular workouts, or centered on larger needs, like a well-deserved vacation.

Get Pampered

Personal trainers recommend alternating workouts to avoid plateaued results. Switching between cardio and weight training daily, for example, will continuously challenge muscles and ensure increasing progress. Undergoing new forms of activity can result in sore muscles, so be sure to stretch often. You can loosen up even further by rewarding long sessions at the gym with a trip to the spa. Set a goal, like booking a massage appointment after you reach a new UFC weight class or karate belt color.

Treat Yourself

Many of us experience feelings of hunger from an intense workout. With the average adult burning nearly 700 calories after an hour on the treadmill,1 regular treats are well deserved. Create a goal, like visiting the gym five times every week. Each time you follow through, splurge on dinner at your favorite restaurant. Everything in moderation, of course, but this reward can be used to experience decadent foods that are normally removed from the average weight loss plan.

Go Shopping

Those who are working out to lose weight and gain definition should consider a points system with clothing rewards. Set a plan that corresponds with how much weight you’re looking to lose, and plan a shopping trip when you reach your goal.

Reward Yourself

Go on an Active Adventure

The best part of keeping up with your regular gym routine is seeing – and feeling – the results. As you whip your body into shape, you’ll be able to reach goals that never seemed possible before, like cutting your mile time in half or tackling the steepest hiking trail at your local park. Reward your progress with an active trip you’ve always dreamed of, like a weekend spent backpacking in the Grand Canyon.

Splurge on New Gear

Reward yourself for a job well done with a new piece of equipment that can improve your workouts. After a month’s worth of successful gym sessions, treat yourself to a new toy. Whether it’s a state of the art armband to keep your MP3 player hands-free for lifting, or a Fitbit to track each morning run, stay up to date with the latest devices to monitor your health and fitness progress.

While you work toward achieving your fitness goals with a custom reward system, stay energized with replenishing Promax protein bars. Each bar provides the fuel needed to power through long sessions at the gym, including 2:1 carbs to protein for strength and recovery. Our workout bars are safe for vegetarians, fully gluten free and kosher, and never contain artificial sweeteners. To learn more, please check out our website.



6 Outdoor Fitness Hacks to Use this Summer

Running Outdoor

Now that the weather is warmer, we’re stocking up on our sunshine and Promax protein bars so we can enjoy more time outside and on the go. But what about gym time? Many athletes use the free time we have in the evening after work to fit in a workout. More often than not, these workouts occur inside, in a gym or training space of some kind. That’s no way to enjoy the great weather! We’ve made a list of ways that you can take your workout outside without equipment.


If you’re looking for something to do close to home, move your workout to your driveway with a piece of chalk. Remember hopscotch? You can make yourself a similar sort of obstacle course. This workout allows you to test your creativity.


Playgrounds aren’t just for kids anymore. Many cities and towns are incorporating outdoor areas for adults to train now If there isn’t one in your area though, that’s okay! Head to the nearest playground and work your upper body on the monkey bars and test your heart rate by seeing how quickly you can do everything in the playground. Do the course once as quickly as you can. What was your time? Do it 5 more times and record your time. Now you’ll have a base for when you try it next time.

Phone Apps

Many of us will bring our phones along for a workout to listen to music or an audio book. This time around, use your phone as a workout tool. There are tons of new apps you can now use to workout. Bring your phone to an outdoor track or field and get sweating!


This hack is great for outdoor runners. It’s easy to fit in interval training when you’re on the treadmill—simply turn up the speed of the treadmill and spring for a specific amount of time, right? You can do that outside, too. Along your run, pick a tree or some sort of landmark as a goal (such as a mailbox, a street sign, or another land mark). Sprint until you reach the landmark, then continue at a regular pace for a time of your choosing. Once you catch your breath, do it again. Repeat until you’re entirely tuckered out!


Head to a local track or football field for your outdoor workout. Without a game and its crowd, bleachers are left entirely empty. Take advantage and run the bleachers up and down. Some stadiums are a bit too large to run in their entirety. If that’s the case, pick a section to run and make it a goal to do more each time. This quick climb is sure to get your heart rate pumping.


Keep an eye out for any benches or hard even surfaces (like cement edges or walls) that you see outside. You can use them to do planks, tricep dips, push-ups, or even step-ups if they aren’t too high off the ground.

Now go give it a shot

Now do you see? You don’t need all of that high-end equipment the gym has to get your heart rate soaring. Take advantage of what’s outside in your very own community. Above all, don’t forget to be on top of your hydration and nutrition before, during, and after your workout. Not only will you be motivated from mixing up your workout, but maybe it’ll save you a couple of dollars on your monthly gym membership, too!

If you’re stuck and need new ideas about fitness and nutrition, don’t hesitate to stop by our blog for motivation!



5 Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Performance

Fitness App in Smart Watch

We love a good ol’ fashioned workout. Your sneakers hitting the pavement or you hitting the weights in the mudroom. It’s not a bad way to train. That said though, we have so many technological devices and applications we can use now to track our performance and motivate us to push harder. We’ve taken the time to compile a list of smartphone apps for you that you can take on-the-go, right alongside your sneakers, sweat band, and Promax bar. (The best thing about all of these apps? They’re free.)


Counting calories can be overwhelming and difficult to keep track of. MyFitnessPal makes it easy for you. When you create an account, you set a goal weight while noting your current weight, height, age, and gender. Based on this information and how much weight you desire to lose a week, the app sets a caloric goal for your day. You can log not only what you consume but also how much exercise you do, which type, and the estimated calories you’ve burned. If you’re interested in seeing how you burn off what you put in, then this may be a fun app for you. What’s great is that it learns and remembers what items you like, making it easy to count the calories in your favorite foods.

StrongLifts 5×5

This one is great for weight-lifting aficionados. It motivates you to complete a 45 minute weight-lifting workout, three times a week. With 5 sets of 5 reps, it helps you know how much of a break to take between each set and when it may be time to add more weight. You can use it’s tracking to follow your progress. This app is a free way to motivate yourself to pick up the weights consecutively each week.

WOD Deck of Cards

A Workout of the Day is a big trend at Crossfit gyms across the country, but you don’t have to belong to one to get the same great workout. If you use the WOD Deck of Cards workout, you’re sure to get an entertaining, challenging, and new workout each training session—which is great, because we all know how boring some routines can get after a while. You choose 4 different exercises each time—one exercise for each suit. Then the cards are drawn and you have to complete that exercise. For example, if hearts represents burpees and you draw the 7 of hearts, you do 7 burpees. The great thing about this app is that it keeps track of how long it takes you to complete a deck each workout, so you can see how far you’ve come.


This app is great for the athlete who is data-crazy. You can track all your activity in and outside the gym and then take a closer look at your habits by analyzing the trends in your life, and adapting to improve your lifestyle. What’s better, is that you can find friends in your community that have similar habits. Need a workout buddy? Argus can help you find someone to train with. In fact, Argus is connected to other apps that help you track sleep, your glucose level, and your heart rate, too.


One of the greatest challenges of athletes is when we’re out of the gym and out with friends. And let’s be honest, not all the people in our social circle understand our training commitments and the nutrition requirements we must meet. HealthyOut helps us to make good choices when we’re eating out. It tells the best options at restaurants and allows you to feel a little less overwhelmed about your choices.

What Now?

Now you have 5 more tools to help mix up your training sessions, track your progress, and motivate you to maintain healthy habits. Get to it! To read more fitness and nutrition related articles, check out our blog every week!