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The Benefits of Burpees

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Before explaining the benefits of burpees, it is important to share what exactly a burpee is, for those who have never heard of this exercise. A burpee is a six-count intense exercise movement, which combines squats and push-ups into an intensive singular movement, where you go from a standing position, to a squat, to a plank position, then perform a push-up and finally, reversing the order until you are standing.

Performing burpees as part of your normal workout routine does have several benefits. However, before attempting this intensive exercise, it is highly recommended you have someone there to supervise, as well as get permission from your healthcare provider, if you are not in peak physical condition. Some of the benefits you can gain by doing burpees, and repeating them in quick succession, as many times as possible before tiring include:

  • Increases Endurance – Since burpees are performed quickly, and rely upon the entire movement of the body and all of your body weight, they are considered a “high-load” exercise. In addition, most people can perform as many as 15 complete burpees in just a 30 second period. Due to the high repetitions in a short period of time and high weight load, they are an effective exercise to use to increase endurance.
  • Promotes Weight Loss – Burpees can help you lose weight (fat) because you are moving the muscles throughout the entire body and burning a large number of calories. When you burn more calories than you consume, it results in a reduction in body fat.
  • Increases Strength – Since burpees push you through a wide range of strength building exercises, namely push-ups and squats, they help increase muscle mass and muscle strength. Not only does muscular strength in the legs and arms increase, but also the back, hips, stomach, and more.
  • Improves Anaerobic Capacity – Burpees raise your heart rate in a short period of time, thereby contributing to anaerobic exercise training. During anaerobic training the body tends to produce energy with limited or without oxygen assistance. Doing burpees frequently can help increase your anaerobic capacity, and lead to improved heart and lung health.

For beginners, it is highly recommended to move through the burpee motions slowly at a regular pace, and gradually increase the speed in which you complete them as you become more comfortable. The last thing you want to do is cause an injury to your body because you tried to quickly move through unfamiliar motions.

If you are having problems performing burpees with your hands firmly on the floor, some beginners rely upon a step, bench, or box for support. As you become more proficient, then you should gradually lower the height of the support until you are doing burpees directly on the floor.

Protein Bars

As your body starts to peak with regular burpees, you should consider one of several different burpee variations to make your reps more challenging, to continue to gain further benefits. After any intense workout, including burpees, remember to refuel your body with energy bars and protein bars ordered from Promax Nutrition by calling (888) 728-8962 now.

Diet Secrets Every Basketball Player Should Know


It takes more than healthy eating and regular exercise to build a great basketball player. Your body relies on just the right fuel to build the healthy muscle you need to be at your peak. That’s why pro basketball players know protein counts.

But what exactly makes up the ideal diet for a top athlete? Let’s look at the nutrients you need to be at your best.


Your body uses water not only to hydrate your workout but also to build and repair muscles. Your muscle tissue is, itself, up to seventy-five percent water. Keep your muscles healthy and growing with adequate hydration.

Aim to drink about eight glasses of water each day. Before workout or a game, drink two glasses to start off well hydrated. During a big workout or a game, drink a glass every thirty minutes to replenish lost fluids.


You know protein is important, but are you consuming enough? You should be aiming for one to one-and-a-half grams of protein for each pound you weight.

To make sure you are getting the protein you need, make sure every meal contains at least one source of protein, including eggs, chicken, fish, and lean meat.

Protein is important for muscle healing and recovery. Make sure you carry protein bars with you so you can eat one within thirty minutes after a workout or game. This ensures you stay at your very best.


While protein is important, don’t neglect your carbohydrates. Carbs give your body the fuel it needs to run, providing the energy you burn for workouts, games, and daily life. So on heavy workout days or days you have a big game, maximize your carb intake. But then on off-days or light workout days, you’ll want to consume fewer carbs.

So, what’s a healthy diet look like for the training basketball player? Balanced meals and snacks that include protein and carbs, and of course, plenty of water. Breakfasts of eggs and toast will do the trick, for example, as will lunches starring a sandwich with a protein like tuna or chicken. Dinners with another protein, such as fish or a lean meat, and pasta or rice, will round out your day’s meals quite nicely. And as for snacks, don’t forget to keep them healthy, too! Try some nuts and dried fruits, or a Promax bar and cheese slices.

As you can see, proper nutrition is the key to success on and off the court. But the athlete’s diet is anything but boring. What are your favorite meals and snacks to fuel your success? Share them with us by connecting with us on our social channels!