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How to Fuel: What to Eat and When Along the Course

Lake Tahoe

Primal Quest is anything but an easy feat. Along with the gear and mental toughness you’ll need to complete your adventure, you’re also going to have to make sure that you take care of your body along the way in the race. This doesn’t just mean wearing sunscreen and the appropriate attire for protecting against the elements but it also of course means making sure you’re nurturing your body with the nutrients it needs. That means protein and carbohydrates and also making sure you get in the proper hydration.

When Should I Eat Along the Course?

The answer to this really depends on what part of the race you’re on, but you can pretty much be sure that you need to constantly be thinking about refueling yourself. Sure, it’s going to be tough to do this—you’re often going to be so focused on getting through the next point in the course that nutrition may not be your top priority. But it should be.

Breakfast – All Day

As each adventure race morning arrives, a good type of protein to pull out of your pack in the would be the Promax Original Bar which has enough protein (20g) and carbs to fuel your day. And it also comes in great breakfast flavors like Greek Honey Yogurt and Lemon Bar which are always a great, light way to start the day.


You’re going to be on the go non-stop for the entire expedition. That’s why we call it a quest and not a vacation. So what’s a good on-the-go item to use to pack in the nutrition you need? Promax has some great bars that will act as the perfect snack to keep your energy up. To do this, you’ll need the type of nutrients found in Promax Original bars or Promax Pro Series.

Promax bars are great to use for refueling during times of activity. They have easy to digest protein paired with fast assimilating carbohydrates. This will keep your muscles and liver fueled so that your brain can help you on the course. Promax Pro Series bars include a different protein matrix, paired with different carbohydrates. This means that these are particularly good for recovery. When you have some down time, the Pro Series bar will give you more protein in a form that is easily digested. Pro Series bars are particularly clean and are perfect for sensitive digestive systems.

When You Don’t Know What Time Dinner Is

Along the way on the quest you’re going to come across things like water paddling, mountain biking, rappelling, and more. Needless to say, you won’t be on your regular eating schedule like you would be living at home. Promax bars can be used as a meal replacement if you don’t have the option of fitting in a real meal. Promax PRO SERIES bars are especially good for meal replacement as they are packed with 28 grams of protein and easily assimilated carbohydrates.

What Are You Packing?

Every Primal Quest participant is going to need a special amount of gear and equipment. When you’re checking off you’re list, don’t forget to think about your nutrition needs throughout the quest, as well as your hydration needs.

Any other questions about how to prep for Primal Quest? Feel free to get in touch on Promax’s Twitter or Facebook for more advice!

Why You Should Choose Promax for the Quest


This year’s expedition race is in Lake Tahoe. Participants will be expected to take what nature throws at them and do whatever it takes to arrive at the finish line, including water paddling, rafting, climbing and more. The environment and its challenges will throw a lot at the teams, but Promax is here to help.

When participants are on the expedition, they’re going to face the elements, wildlife, and the emotional challenges that come along with the race. Why? Because this is tough work. It isn’t for your average athlete and these people have trained hard just to get to the starting line. Ensuring that they succeed and cover the course in good time means taking into account all of the things we normally do when training: good hydration, proper amounts of sleep, and arguably what’s most important to keep up our strength, good nutrition.

Why are Promax Bars Good to Take on a PQ Expedition Race?

There are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea to pack Promax bars with you during the expedition.

Promax bars offer a variety of benefits. First of all, all the ingredients are things that your body needs and can easily digest; nothing on the label is a mystery. Second, when you’re hiking in extreme weather conditions, the last thing you need is food that is going to make your organized pack messy. Promax bars are easy to pack for the trip, require no preparation, and don’t make a mess.

They Contain Protein and Carbohydrates

We know quite well that we need both protein and carbohydrates when we’re training. The human body prefers a specific composition of protein, carbs and a little bit of fat during stressful physical activity. Just like an advanced sports car, your body will run best on fuel that is dialed in to meet the needs of the engine.

When we’re at home preparing our meals, it’s easy to create fuel with ingredients that go from the fridge to the stove. But when you’re in the wild, you don’t have time to prepare food. Making sure that you get ample amounts of carbohydrates and protein along the trek may be difficult, depending on circumstances. Grabbing a Promax bar, however, is quick and easy and doesn’t require much thinking—you’ve got several bar types to choose from that deliver different nutritional needs. Promax bars are created to combine the specific ratio of protein, fat and carbs to provide you with proper fueling. Our original line bars contain a higher amount of carbohydrates to keep your blood stable so that your muscles, liver and brain stay fueled.

They Won’t Upset Your Stomach

Unlike a lot of other on-the-go products, Promax bars do not contain artificial sugars. Instead, they contain a small amount of fructose (the sugar found naturally in fruits) and even then, not large amounts. This means that when eaten along the course of the expedition, they are not likely to upset your stomach. You know the feeling I’m talking about—when you eat something you’re not quite used to (for me usually it’s something with artificial sweeteners) and your tummy starts to ache? Promax bars don’t do that, and it’s a good thing, too, because a tummy ache is the last distraction you’re going to need when getting through a course this challenging.

Follow the Teams

What the Primal Quest teams are packing to prepare for their expedition involves all sorts of things to protect them from the elements they’ll face along the way. One thing for sure they can use to their advantage, is Promax bars. Be sure to keep up with the teams on their way to Lake Tahoe on the PrimalQuest blog!