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Workouts for the Perfect Beach Body


Just hearing the word ‘beach’ conjures up images of white sand, sparkling water, and – oh yeah, visions of tanned, in-shape bodies, as well. Unfortunately for some of us, that might not be a great depiction of our own body. Wearing three layers while struggling through another below-freezing day has a way of sapping a person’s will to hit the gym. But with the winter weather receding, you may be feeling a tinge of regret that you weren’t a little more diligent about your workouts over the past few months. Worry not, friends, because we’ve brought you some of the best workouts to get yourself in shape for those spring and summer beach trips. So once you’ve booked that condo, get started on these workouts, and you just might end up turning some heads on the beach.

  • Yes, we know that your first thought is probably going to be about your abs. It’s human nature. Just know that you won’t be getting a six-pack by only doing ab workouts. It just doesn’t work like that. That being said, working your abs is still essential to the process. So check out these three great ab exercises.
  • First is the spiderman plank crunch. Get yourself in plank position, then bring your right knee up to your right elbow. Return your right leg to the plank position, and do the same with your left knee. Shoot for a total of ten on each side.
  • Next we have the bicycle crunch. Lie on your back with your legs raised and bent at 90 degrees. Place your hands behind your head, and bring your right elbow towards your left knee. At the same time, extend your right leg fully, then return to the starting position. Then alternate, bringing your left elbow towards your right knee. Do this slowly, rather than repping them out as fast as possible.
  • Finally we have the dip/leg raise combo. Suspend yourself over parallel bars, and then bring your legs up and extend them out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Hold that, and you’ll start to feel it immediately.
  • Okay, you can’t just crunch your way to some abs, so prepare yourself for a little cardio. Now, as with all of these workouts, you can’t just throw yourself into them a week before your beach vacay and expect results. That’s unrealistic and dangerous. For cardio, start running a few times a week, and become consistent. That’s the best way to shed pounds and build endurance. I know, it may not be easy, but it will be worth it when you show up on the beach.
  • Let’s not forget that upper body, though. Maybe time is short and you don’t even have a gym membership. What should you do? Pullups, pushups, and dips. Bodyweight workouts help burn fat and build muscle, especially if you use the 10 to 1 workout technique. That means on your first set, you do 10 pullups, then decrease that by one every set, until you finally end by doing one pullup. You’ll get one heck of a workout, and you’ll thank us when you’re looking your best down at PCB.

Start doing each of these exercises today, and by the time you’re packing your bags, you’ll feel much more confident about your beach-ready bod. Just remember – you’re going to need plenty of nutrition to refuel after these workouts, so stop by Promax today and check out our full line of protein bars.

Sick of Your Indoor Workout Routine? Here’s How to Freshen it Up!

Workout Video

The pre-spring blues: few of us are immune to them. It’s fun to dream about summer weather, and it’s a great motivator to keep working hard to attain that bathing suit body you are working toward.

Now is not the time to let your routine get stale: It’s not good for your mind, or your body, since doing the same workout every day will lose its effectiveness. Here are some tips to mix it up, no matter what type of workout you like.

For Those DVD Disc Jockeys

A DVD is a great way to get a workout in without having to schlep to a class. But if you can narrate your go-to sweat session as well as Shaun T does, you know you’ve used it one too many times. Investing in a DVD library can get expensive though. Instead, check out DVDs from your actual library, find great options on Netflix or search for dedicated exercise stations on your cable or satellite provider. DVR a few to see what you like and then set a season pass.

If You Favor the Treadmill

Otherwise known as the “dreadmill,” a treadmill workout can get boring fast, unless you mix it up. The incline feature should be your best friend: you will burn more calories in less time, but it also seems as though it takes less effort. Another option is to incorporate intervals into the workout. Kick it up a notch for 30 seconds to one minute at a time, rather than sticking with a steady state of exertion. You’ll torch more calories and the time will fly as you clock off time until the next interval. And finally, nothing beats an engaging TV show to keep you going. Tell yourself you’ll only watch the next installment of your Netflix binge-of-the-moment if you’re walking, climbing, or running.

HIIT Enthusiasts

HIIT workouts (which stand for high-intensity interval training) scorch the calories while you’re working out, and the burn continues all throughout the day, even in recovery mode. A typical HIIT format will be an interval of one to two minutes, followed by one minute of recovery. For a full-body workout, alternate a cardio interval with a weight set. The beauty of HIIT is that you can literally do a different workout every day, by switching up the exercises you choose for your intervals. It not only keeps boredom at bay, but will continue to challenge those muscles with the surprise that comes from a new plan. Or, try a Tabata workout, where you work out hard for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, completing 8 rounds of each movement.

Weight Training

The same dumbbell workout can get boring. The best way to freshen up your weight workout is to invest in new devices to challenge the muscles and keep things interesting. Try using kettlebells, resistance bands, or sliding discs to challenge your body in a whole new way.

Take it Outside

Are you a summer runner, biker or hiker? Even in the cold weather you can take your workout outside! Running in the cold can feel refreshing, as long as you’re dressed appropriately. Or, try out a winter sport, whether it’s snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or ice skating. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Whatever your preference, make sure you fuel up appropriately. Promax protein bars can help you power your way through any workout. For more information about Promax, check out our product page or our blog.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Skipping Leg Day

Leg Exercises

We all know that one guy in the gym who looks like he hasn’t hit legs in the past year. Broad shouldered and top heavy, this guy lives in fear of the leg machines. It’s a pretty universal gym stereotype at this point. We make fun of the guys who skip leg day because it’s pretty obvious their only concern is those upper body muscles, but deep down, a lot of us would love to take leg day out of the equation. Yes, leg day isn’t much fun, but there are more reasons for keeping your leg workouts going than just looks.

  • For starters, you’re not just hurting your legs when you don’t work them like the rest of your body. Squats and deadlifts have been shown to increase the production of natural muscle building hormones more than any other exercise. What you also might be forgetting is that squats and deadlifts work more than just your legs. Your arms, abs, chest, and back are all getting worked to some degree when you perform these exercises. Working small muscle groups in your upper body is fine, but squats and deadlifts improve strength in exercises directly related to these muscles.
  • You also need to understand that the larger the muscle being worked out, the more fat loss will occur. The largest muscles in the body are the quads and glutes, and working them out on leg day burns more fat in the upper body than just crunches and treadmills. While burning fat, leg workouts improve core strength, which means better overall posture, flexibility, and athletic performance. Some people skip leg day because it’s more difficult, or doesn’t look as impressive as throwing up weight on the bench. Regardless, if you want to increase strength and look your best, routinely working out your lower body is essential.
  • Speaking of athletic performance, nearly every sport you enjoyed growing up involved running. Having a strong lower body is critical to performing well in athletics, whether it’s a game of pickup basketball with your friends, or just kicking the soccer ball around with your kid. A well-rounded workout will provide you with better endurance, power, and balance. If you want to perform better in just about any athletic endeavor, skipping leg day isn’t doing you any favors.
  • Oh, and leg day isn’t just about squats and deadlifts. Leg day can also include sprint training. Sprint training is great, because it serves as an excellent way to increase cardiovascular fitness without sacrificing hard-earned muscle gains. You might say that you only doing strength training, but ignoring your cardiovascular health is pretty much the same as skipping leg day. In both cases you’re missing out on a much-needed portion of your workout.

We know it isn’t the most fun or impressive workout, but skipping leg day hurts your overall health, and keeps you from reaching your potential. And if you need some recovery for after your next leg day, head on over to Promax and check out our full line of protein bars!

Five Strategies for Building Muscle

Muscle Building Strategies

Strength is the cornerstone of fitness. Building muscle allows you to hit harder and move faster, and it also enhances your ability to effectively lose weight and withstand injury. By increasing your strength, you’re also improving your health.

There are a variety of exercise routines fitness enthusiasts can use to build muscle. Foods like high protein, low carb bars can also help in building muscle without contributing to unnecessary weight gain.

Some of the most effective strategies for building strength and muscle mass include:

  • Get back to basics –The bench press, shoulder press, deadlift, and squat are time-honored exercises for a good reason – they work. Incorporate these basic exercises into your routine, and you’ll soon begin seeing results. Also add classics like the chin-up and the row to your workout.
  • Gradually increase weight – A key reason why many exercise enthusiasts hit a wall in building muscle is that they try to ramp up weight too quickly. Don’t turn your workout into a competition with others. Do your lifts using a little less than your max weight for lifting in the rep range of your exercise. Slowly increase weight over time, and don’t add large amounts at one time. This slow burn will allow greater success in building strength.
  • Maintain balance to avoid injury – An injury will quickly put your bid to increase your muscle mass to a screeching halt. There are several ways to avoid injury, and one of the most effective is balancing your training. Make sure you do both pushing and pulling exercises to ensure your muscle development is even. Exercises don’t have to be balanced in one session, but it is wise to balance your exercises within the same week. Also, don’t forget leg day.
  • Work out standing up – When you work out while you’re standing, you’ll use more muscles and burn more calories. There are a number of great dumbbell exercises you can use in a standing position to increase your strength. The great thing about these exercises is that they work your core and your mid-section, too.
  • Consume plenty of protein – Protein is essential to building and maintaining muscle. Men and women trying to build muscle mass should consume one gram of protein for every pound of body weight each day. Spread the protein out over several small meals each day for maximum effectiveness. There are a variety of sources where exercise enthusiasts can obtain protein, but one of the best involves eating high protein bars. These bars are healthy, have high protein content, and many derive protein from sources other than animal protein. Animal protein can contribute to kidney stones, so obtaining protein from non-animal sources is a good idea if you’re stepping up your consumption of this nutrient.

With the right diet and exercise regimen, you can increase your strength and muscle mass, resulting in a healthier, more impressive body.

Promax Nutrition gives people who want better bodies the natural protein, vitamins, and minerals they need in delicious, gluten-free, vegetarian snack bars.

5 Killer Pushup Variations for Building Upper Body Strength

Killer Pushups

Pushups may not be the fanciest or most complex of exercises, but there’s a reason that they’re a part of every workout routine that’s worth its salt. Pushups are the meat and potatoes of bodybuilding, the hearty staple around which everything else is built. Another thing they have in common – they come in a surprisingly wide variety that belies their reputation for being plain and boring. So, if you’re looking to build upper body strength, grab yourself a protein bar and start working these pushup routines into your workout.

Standard Pushup

This is the basic pushup that everyone knows: lay down on the ground with your palms flat on the ground and lined up with your shoulders, then use your arms to lift your body off the ground. It’s a simple and unglamorous exercise, but it works – a standard pushup works out your shoulders, chest, triceps, and core, all at the same time.

Knee-to-Elbow Pushup

Assume the standard pushup position, but with your hands formed into a fist and your knuckles lying on the ground. When you lift up, hold the position and bring your right knee up to your left elbow. Hold for a few seconds, then bring your leg back and lower yourself to the ground. Repeat, switching which leg you stretch each time.

This variety of pushup works your abdominals, hip flexors, and back through body rotation, as well as giving your chest and triceps the same workout they’d get from a standard pushup.

Wide-Grip Pushup

These are the same as standard pushups, except your hands are spread out further from your shoulders in a wider stance. By moving your arms wider, you’ll force your chest muscles to do the majority of the work, giving your triceps and shoulders an incredibly great workout. If building upper body strength is your main goal, then wide-grip pushups should absolutely be a part of your bodybuilding routine.

Upper Body Strength

Single-Leg Pushup

Perform a set of ten pushups with your left leg held up in the air. When you’re finished, do another set of ten, this time with your right leg held up. Just like the wide-grip pushup changes the muscle groups that get the brunt of the workout, single-leg pushups focus the workout on the upper body and core, which makes them a great strength-building exercise.

Triangle Pushup

Assume the standard pushup position, but with your knuckles flat on the ground instead of your palms. Lift up, then lower your chest to your left knuckle. Lift up again, then lower your chest to your right knuckle. Repeat for a full set.

The benefit of triangle pushups is that it forces one arm to bear a heavier load, building up the muscles in that arm faster. The change in body angle also causes more muscles to be stimulated, working out muscle groups that standard pushups can miss.

Ready to get started with your new pushup routines? Then you’ll need plenty of protein to power through your workout. Promax Nutrition protein bars are made from only the healthiest ingredients, and include none of the high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, or artificial sweeteners included in lesser protein bars.

6 Weight Training Tips for Women

Woman Flexing Back

Women may not always go straight for the weights when they enter the gym, especially if there are sweaty, burly dudes taking up too much space in front of them while they work out.

But, weight lifting and strength training are crucial for women to build muscle and strengthen their bones… That’s why creating a regular routine and establishing workout goals for yourself can be so rewarding!

But, we understand that diving headfirst into working out can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before, so here are six tips you can follow to make your workout a success.

  1. Always Warm Up: One of the best ways to hurt yourself during your workout is by jumping straight into your weight lifting without stretching and warming up your body. By warming up first, you increase your circulation and improve your range of motion, which readies your body for whatever you might put it through later.
  2. Perfect Your Form: Another sure way to injure yourself is to go about the weight lifting process all wrong. And it’s understandable – sometimes you might be in a hurry and want to go through your whole routine, feel the burn, and get out of there without much thought. But this could lead to disaster – some studies have even shown women to be at higher risk for workout injuries than men. If you aren’t sure how to follow proper form, check with a trainer before continuing your workout… better safe than sorry!
  3. Pay Attention to Your Body: When you’re targeting specific muscles in your workout, be sure you’re feeling the burn in those muscles, not elsewhere. Also, realize that when your body has had enough, you have had enough. There are always more days and more workouts ahead of you, so pace yourself and enjoy the knowledge that next time you work out, you’ll be able to push even harder.
  4. Start Small: The best way to avoid torn ligaments, tendinitis, or excessively sore muscles and connective tissue is to gradually work your way into tougher routines. You may want to put everything you have into your first work out, doing as many reps and sets as you can at the highest weight your body can manage, but you may not be doing yourself a favor by doing so. Instead, start with weights you know your body can handle, and increase them over time.
  5. Take a Break: You may start wanting to spend every waking moment weight training, but it’s wise to take strategic breaks. Ideally, weight training should be performed 3 days a week. It’s best to put around 48 hours between working out each muscle group. And during that 48 hours, you’re guaranteed to feel that awesome soreness that indicates your muscles are becoming firmer, stronger, and more toned.
  6. Don’t Give Up: Working out with weights on a regular basis can sometimes feel like a full-time job, but don’t let it stress you out. Working out isn’t an obligation – it’s a gift you’re giving to yourself that pays off with a better, stronger body. When you aren’t lifting weights, spend time on the other days of the week performing cardio exercises. That way, you’ll begin seeing the results you want!

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Eat This, Not That: Surprisingly Great Bodybuilding Foods

Grocery Shopping

The grocery store can be a wholly confusing place. Between the florescent lighting, crowds, thousands of packaged foods, and maintaining a budget, is it any wonder than people at the grocery store can give up and pick whatever seems easiest?

But not you. You’ve reached your “I’ve had it!” moment and decided to dedicate yourself to improving your body.

You’ve decided to go hard at the gym and earn that hard body… and that requires putting down the ham at the grocery store, too. See, when people make the decision to improve their health, some will totally clean up their diets. Others will spend too much time in the gym and simply attempt to eat “better.” While commendable, this loose commitment can be a fitness killer: while improvement is always a worthy goal, without a solid knowledge base and a firm promise to yourself to do your best, it’s a recipe for failure.

You don’t know what the best foods are or what to cut. While you can follow If It Fits Your Macros principles the best way to reach speedy results is to prioritize putting whole, nutritious foods in your face-hole.

If you’re craving: processed deli meat, fatty ground beef, chicken with skin

Deli meat is known for being made up of low-quality fillers to keep prices low and chemicals to keep it from going bad during the months it sits in the case. Most of the tastiest varieties derive their taste from added sugars and sodium, like “honey roasted” or “maple smoked” flavors.

Eat this: Steak is full of saturated fats that are shockingly okay while you’re bulking.

If you train with weights and eat a diet heavier in fat, you’ll have more testosterone available to lift heavy. Be careful to consume only 15 percent of your total calories as saturated fats, and avoid all trans fats.

Oysters are an awesome happy hour snack. These salty mollusks are a little on the pricey side, but they’re a great splurge if you want some zinc in your diet. Zinc sparks hormone production, and studies show that giving athletes a zinc supplement for four weeks prior to exhaustive exercise increased their testosterone post-workout. Other foods high in zinc are chicken liver and pumpkin seeds.

Chicken with skin adds extra fat and no extra nutrients. A better option to pump up the flavor on your lean bird is to marinate your skinless chicken breast or cutlets in a low-sugar marinade for a budget-friendly protein bomb.

If you’re craving: ice cream, candy bars

Eat this: Greek yogurt has a higher proportion of protein than other kinds of yogurt, because it’s made by straining the extra liquid and carbs from them. It also has a large amount of casein, a “slow-digesting” protein that slowly releases amino acids into the blood. Loading up on Greek yogurt usually increases protein synthesis by 22 percent during the night. Avoid the flavored iterations, which include buckets of unneeded sugar, and sweeten with a tablespoon of natural honey instead.

We’ve been told that the Promax LS Chocolate Almond bars taste almost exactly like Payday candy bars, but with 18 grams of protein to keep you full, no artificial sweeteners, gelatin, or maltitol. Same story with our Promax LS Chocolate Mint bars and a certain well-known slim cookie only sold by little girls’ clubs.

If you’re craving: red wine, orange juice
Drinking your calories rarely leaves you sated, and never provides the nutrients and fiber found in the whole, natural ingredients. OJ is made with tons of added sugars that are less than optimal for your skin or your dream body.

Have this instead: The skin in red grapes contain resveratrol, which is a chemical that act as antioxidants in the body. They inhibit the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which is important for anyone wanting to increase lean mass. While found in red wine, the resveratrol is much higher in whole grapes.

Grapefruit is the perfect vehicle for some vitamin C. It burns fat, improves function of the metabolic system, and reduces levels of insulin, regulating fat metabolism. Half a grapefruit has 40 mg of vitamin C. Adults recommended to have 65 – 90 mg per day, with the upper limit of 2000 mg/day.

If you’re craving: time to go to the gym and don’t want to cook

Have this instead: one of our many Promax bars, which are carefully formulated with simple, nutritious ingredients and plenty of protein to keep you full between workouts. For more information about Promax, check out our product page or our blog.



Commonly Neglected Body Parts Overlooked When Working Out

Neglected Muscles

For men and women who spend most of their time weight training and building muscle, there are several neglected areas of the body often overlooked. The reason these areas go overlooked is often from a lack of understanding about how they are essential for a complete body workout. In addition, many people tend to edit their workouts to just those muscle groups they are currently focusing on developing, like the abs, buttocks, and chest muscles.

Rather than wasting time, why not spend it working on the areas you often overlook?

Calves: Do you have a large upper body and chicken legs? This is because you are not spending time developing calf muscles. Incorporate some calf training into your regular routine and, before you know it, your legs will be just as popping as the rest of your body.

Forearms: The forearms typically get overlooked because people tend to use lifting straps. Leave the lifting straps out of your routine to get your forearm muscles building. In addition, add some wrist flexion and extension exercises to your routine.

Rear Deltoid Muscles (Rear Delts): Overlooking the rear delts can lead to problems later on. As your chest and abs increase in size, it causes your back to appear rounded and misshapened. It can also lead to problems with bad posture and other back problems. To avoid these issues incorporate some rear delt exercises as part of your upper body workout routine.

Hamstrings: Granted, your hamstrings do get some work with leg extensions and squats, but this is only minimal because the primary muscle groups these exercises help are the hips and thighs. Neglecting the hamstrings could lead to problems with your knees later down the road. Several hamstring exercises not only help build this muscle group, but also benefit the lower and middle back and glutes.

When you include these often missed muscle groups into your regular routine, you are sure to have a more balanced and even body. In addition to these muscle groups, one other type of workout most people who focus on weight training do not get enough of is cardio workouts.

Whether you are focused more on weight training or want a balanced, yet fit body, cardio is an essential part of physical fitness. The amount of cardio you require depends on your goals and could range from 3 to 7 times a week. Fitting in cardio workouts is not difficult, and you can even complete cardio on the days you work specific muscle groups.

To keep your energy levels up while you are working out, grab a workout bar or healthy energy bar. For more information about protein and energy bars in a wide variety of flavors, shop online at Promax® Nutrition today.

Tips and Tricks for Pushing Through Workouts

Tough Workouts

With New Year’s just right around the corner, one of the most common resolutions people make is to get fit, shed the pounds they packed on over the holidays, and start living more healthfully. However, in just a few short months, over 95% of these people have given up on their New Year’s Day resolutions and gone back to their former habits.

Why do they give up? Because they start to feel pain and discomfort, and they do not feel like they can push any harder. Their muscles and bodies ache from exercising. They figure they can take a few days off from the gym to let their bodies rest. After taking a few days off, they go back to the gym, only to find they are losing their motivation. They do not feel like they can get back on that treadmill and walk another mile or do another set of weight lifting. Eventually, they end up talking themselves out of working out, with excuses like “It hurts,” “It takes too much time away from some other activity,” and so on.

The biggest way to avoid falling short on your New Year’s Day resolutions is to learn how to push through the pain and stay motivated. The old adage “No pain, no gain!” is entirely true. You have to remember that your body is going through major changes, and there are going to be muscle aches and pains. This simply means your muscles are becoming stronger. What can you do to keep motivated and push through the pain?

Tough Workouts

Listen to Your Favorite Music

While you work out, listen to your favorite tunes on your smartphone or music player. Your music selections can help push you along and distract your mind from the pain so you can reach your daily fitness goals.

Repeat a Mantra Over and Over

Pick a mantra you like, and repeat it over and over in your head if you find you are having difficulties reaching the end of your workout routine for the day. Select a mantra that motivates you and which keeps you going. You can even make one up.

Set Realistic and Daily Goals

One reason so many people fail their New Year fitness resolutions is because they do not set realistic or daily goals. Without goals, you will mindlessly wander through your workouts and quickly lose motivation.

Visualize How You Feel after a Workout

Think about how you and your body feel after completing a workout if you are considering stopping short of your daily goal. Most people feel a sense of accomplishment. Once you are done for the day, you can sit, relax, and do whatever you want.

Reward Yourself with a Healthy Treat

Make it a habit to reward yourself for reaching your daily goal with a healthy treat afterward, like a protein bar, energy bar, or fruit smoothie.

If you are looking for healthy bars to use as rewards after your workouts, you will find a wide variety of flavors available from Promax® Nutrition.

Getting Ready for Your First Weightlifting Competition

Weightlifting Competitions

Testing your strength against other weightlifting enthusiasts is an important milestone in the personal fitness journey of many men and women. In competition, all those workouts and energy bars pay off as you get to share your achievements with others and get the rush that comes from striving to be the best.

For first time weightlifting competitors, events may be intimidating, and there are many mistakes that new competitors may make that can result in embarrassment or injury. To make your first competition a memorable one for the right reasons, try these preparations for your debut event:

  • Know the rules – Weightlifting is a very detail oriented sport, and there’s little leeway for error at competition. Be sure you know your weigh-in and lift time, and be prompt. Also, be sure you lift according to the rules, and avoid lowering the bar until you hear the “down” command from the center judge.
  • Don’t compete until you’re confident – Lifting in front of judges and an audience can cause a bit of stage fright, especially among lifters who are unsure about their strength and abilities. Enter an event when you’re sure you are ready to compete.
  • Have and established training routine – Prior to a competition, you should have a steady diet and workout regimen. Just a few weeks before competition is no time to make major changes to your routine.
  • Be conservative in your initial lifts – Don’t overextend yourself or try to lift something heavier than you usually do. Ease your way into competition, and realize that it will take some practice before you start winning events.
  • Have the right attire – Not having the right attire not only puts you at risk of injury, it can also make you the object of derision among fellow lifters. Take the time to get the right shoes, belts, braces, and other gear you need to compete at weightlifting events.
  • Work with a coach – If you plan to lift competitively, working with a coach is strongly advised. Coaches can guide you through the mechanical aspects of a competition, ensuring that your form and technique are proper. They can also help you with the social aspect of competition, instructing you on proper etiquette during events. The weightlifting community is pretty tight-knit, so connecting with a coach who knows the ins and outs of competitions is a huge help.

Better coaching, a renewed national interest in fitness and increasing numbers of women participating in weightlifting is quickly growing this exciting sport. Competitive weightlifting is a great way to build your physical and mental strength, and make new friends and social contacts. Making a good first impression by hitting all the right cues on your debut event will go a long way toward helping you make the most of competitions.

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