Chris Plummer

Featured Fan - Chris PlummerWhat makes you the Featured Fan?
I’m 6’1″ and 4 years ago I weighed 310 pounds. I realized that something needed to change, and so I began to take better care of myself. I watched what I ate, started exercising, and over that period of time I’ve lost 80 pounds. While parts of it were extremely successful for me, the hardest part was giving up my sweet tooth. I searched all over for a replacement to candy that would satisfy that craving, and I found it with Promax bars. Not only are they an excellent meal replacement, they curb that craving I have to run out and get a candy bar. It’s really jump started my progress, and I’m excited to lose those last stubborn pounds and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Which PROMAX bar do you like best?
The original Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It combines the best parts of eating a cookie with the best parts of eating a candy bar.

Why is fitness and nutrition important to you?
The men in my family have a long history of heart disease, directly and indirectly related to weight issues. I want to not only live a healthier lifestyle, but I want to be here, happy and healthy, for my own family for many years to come. Proper nutrition and fitness are key in making that a reality.

What is one unique thing about you?
I’m very active with my free time, the biggest things being a podcast I do with a couple of my friends called 1600 Dust, which is about Hearthstone, a competitive card game and I’m the bass player in a local rock band called Metaphorical Lions.