Gluten Free Protein Bar

High in Protein, Free of Gluten

For decades, Promax has made protein-rich bars without all the junk. There’s no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, no trans fats, no maltitol or gelatin, and absolutely no gluten in our bars. We are pioneers in high-energy snacking and trailblazers in gluten free protein bars.

What’s the Big Deal About Gluten?

More than 20 percent of Americans are trying to switch to a gluten-free diet, according to a Gallup Poll taken in 2015. A protein found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley, gluten has long been a basic part of our diet. So, why are so many people abandoning it?

People avoid gluten for many reasons. Many simply feel healthier without it. For those with a sensitivity, gluten carries certain health risks. At the very least, it can cause discomfort, bloating, and other intestinal problems. For the roughly two million people who suffer from Celiac Disease, avoiding gluten is a medical necessity. As soon as their immune system detects gluten, it launches an attack on the small intestine that can lead to permanent damage.

Why Eat Gluten Free Protein Bars?

As the number of people on gluten-free diets grows, so does the need for great-tasting, gluten-free protein bars. Even people without celiac disease can reap the diet benefits when they cut gluten out of the menu. Essential for those with a gluten intolerance, gluten-free energy bars are also perfect for active, healthy people who want a high-protein, high-energy snack without all the unnecessary ingredients.

Looking for a nutritious, high-energy punch without the gluten? Reach for a Promax protein bar.