How Vitamin D Can Help Improve Performance Training


When you are looking to build muscle and get more from your workouts it is essential that your body has all the nutrients it needs. People talk about having a balanced diet and its effect on an exercise plan, but what does that really mean? It is important to break down your diet and look at the vitamins and nutrients it contains to see if it is really giving your body all it needs to be successful when you are performance training. Vitamin D is one such nutrient that many people don’t think of when it comes to their training plan, but it can have benefits that allow you to get the most out of your workouts. Understanding the benefits of vitamin D will help you improve your performance training and achieve results.

What Is Vitamin D?
Before you add vitamin D to your daily regimen it is important to learn more about what it is and its purpose in your body. Vitamin D is crucial because it supports your overall health as well as bone strength. In addition, it helps boost your immune system so your body can fight off infection. Years ago, doctors discovered that vitamin D was linked to bone health and that a lack of vitamin D can lead to a bone condition called “rickets” in children. Since then doctors have worked to ensure that we have enough vitamin D in our system to help prevent disease and long-term health problems.

How Does Vitamin D Help Your Workout?
Vitamin D has a great effect on your energy levels because it aids calcium metabolism and energy metabolism. Making sure that you have enough vitamin D will help you improve training performance. It is also a key nutrient for protein synthesis, and studies suggest that not getting enough vitamin D can lead to reduced strength and muscle deterioration. One of the reasons for this is that a lack of the vitamin can allow fat to infiltrate your muscles, making them weaker and reducing power.

Another one of the benefits of vitamin D is that it enables your body to absorb calcium. Why is this important for performance training? Calcium leads to stronger bones which are necessary to help your muscles get stronger. If you are deficient in vitamin D your bones may become more brittle, causing a chain reaction that negatively affects your muscles.

How Can You Get Vitamin D?
The body naturally makes vitamin D when it absorbs sunlight. However, those that have a sedentary lifestyle or work long hours indoors may be deficient without realizing it. To make up for a lower amount of vitamin D you can take supplements such as cod liver oil, drink fortified milk, and turn to Promax protein bars. Some cereals, as well as egg yolks, are rich in vitamin D and will help your body get back to its healthy level. It is important to ensure that you do not take too much vitamin D, however, as it can lead to high amounts of calcium and potentially kidney stones.

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