Promax packs its protein bars with replenishing protein and has the balanced nutrition to help keep you on top of your fitness goals. Choose from our range of great tasting bars and see how function meets flavor. As a workout aid, meal replacement, or on-the-go snack, Promax protein bars are a great source of satisfying nutrition. No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, maltitol or gelatin.



Promax protein bars are the fuel you need for your busy life. These bars feature 2:1 carbs to protein ratio for energy and recovery from your active lifestyle. They provide carbs and protein to help proactively protect muscle tissue and provide fuel before your activity. With 20g of complete protein and 18 vitamins and minerals, these bars are so flavorful, they’ll be one protein-rich snack you look forward to day after day.

You won’t find any artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, maltitol or gelatin in Promax Bars. Gluten-free, kosher and vegetarian—Promax is protein for the people.

Cookies 'n Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Double Fudge Brownie
Nutty Butter Crisp
Chocolate Peanut Crunch
Lemon Bar

Lower Sugar


Looking for a great-tasting, on-the-go treat? Need an occasional light meal replacement that won’t spike your blood sugar or send your energy crashing? Grab a PROMAX LOWER SUGAR bar. Containing less sugar and more nutrients (18g of complete, high-quality protein, 9g of sugar, and plenty of fiber), PROMAX LOWER SUGAR bars help you stay full, fit, and focused for longer. Plus, there’s no maltitol, artificial sweeteners or gelatin. Supplement your diet with our lower sugar bars to get all the good ingredients, without all the bad additives. Fuel your lifestyle with PROMAX LOWER SUGAR.

Better Taste for Everyone

Why sacrifice nutrition for taste? With Promax Nutrition bars, you’ll get all the benefits of a nutrient-packed snack with all the satisfaction of a mouthwatering treat. Indulge your taste buds with cookies ‘n cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, double fudge brownie, lemon, or any of our other incredible flavors. If you’re not looking forward to your post-workout snack, then you have the wrong protein bars.

Meal Replacement Bars for Better Fitness

Active people don’t always have time for a full meal. Those on a diet often can’t make room for one. Packed with protein and fiber, meal replacement bars help you stay full longer. That means you eat less and rein in excess weight gain. Containing none of the artificial additives you’ll find in other snacks, Promax Nutrition bars help you stay energized throughout the day, without the extra calories or the extra worry.

Workout Bars for the Go-Getter

Grab a protein bar before your workout to keep your energy levels up and your stamina running strong. Want a great post-workout snack? A Promax Nutrition bar will help you repair existing muscle tissue and produce new muscle tissue.

Promax Nutrition bars. Less sugar. More nutrients. Better protein. Great taste.

Chocolate Fudge
Peanut Butter Chocolate