Sports Nutrition Bar

A sports nutrition bar provides energy and nourishment for those who need it most when they need it most. Packed with muscle-sustaining protein and energy-boosting carbs, a good sports nutrition bar can help runners, swimmers, bikers, hikers, workers, and other energetic go-getters recover from a workout and prepare for the rest of the day. What is more, it offers essential nutrition in a convenient and ready-to-eat package. Take it with you to the gym, bring it to work, keep it in the car, carry it throughout the day—it’s always there for those who live on the run.

The Benefits of a Quality Sports Nutrition Bar

The best sports nutrition bars are made of high-quality ingredients: protein that’s essential for muscle recovery and rebuilding, carbohydrates that boost energy and help you stay active throughout the day, and fiber that promotes a healthy digestive system. They’re also free of unhealthy additives like artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and chemical preservatives. In other words, they’re the perfect post-workout snack, designed specifically for those who push themselves to the limit.

High Energy Meets High Protein

Low in sugar, high in protein, full of energy, Promax bars give you the best of all worlds. Browse through our online catalog to see why Promax sports nutrition bars are the athlete’s best friend.