Sharilynn Brown

What makes you the Featured Fan? All of my life I've been the “skinny” girl who could eat whatever she wanted and lay around watching TV all day without gaining any weight… and that's exactly what I did, until about a two years ago. I decided that it was time to take care of myself, to work on becoming strong rather than just “skinny” and to give my body the food and nourishment that it required to live a healthy life. Ever since I made those decisions, I've discovered a passion for health and fitness. I've worked my way up to a healthy weight, adopted a serious six-day-a-week lifting split, became addicted to protein bars and have never been happier or felt better. For me, it's important to take care of my body without having to feel like I'm depriving myself, and PROMAX bars make it easy to do just that! When I'm craving a candy bar that my macros don't necessarily allow for, I reach for a PROMAX bar and I'm left feeling not only satisfied, but also full, energized and ready to hit the gym and continue on this journey to creating my best self.
Which PROMAX bar do you like best? Cookies 'n Cream was the first PROMAX bar that I'd ever tried and continues to be my go-to snack.
Why is fitness and nutrition important to you? Fitness and nutrition are important to me because they've completely changed my life. Since I've embarked on this journey I've not only experience obvious physical benefits, but I've also noticed psychological improvements. A healthy lifestyle including proper exercise and nutrition has allowed me to live an all-around happier, more positive life and to approach everything that I do with more confidence and enthusiasm.
What is one unique thing about you? In addition to health and fitness, I am also very passionate about fashion and photography. It seems to be an interesting combination of hobbies to say the least, but when I'm not at the gym you can find me taking photos.
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