Promax is unlike other protein bar companies. We aren't focused on trends. We aren't focused on consumer segments. We aren't focused on athletes.
We are focused on those who aren't pro, but want to bring it to the max!

The Beginning

The development of Promax Bars began, when Mike Walls, the founder of the company, decided it was time the world had a great tasting protein bar. The directions were very specific, adults had to love what they saw on the label, and everyone had to love the taste. It took more than two years to get it right.
Before launching the line, Promax conducted a nationwide taste test. The Promax Bar outscored the leading competitors by as much as 12 to 1. In fact, Promax won every category including taste, mouth feel, and overall satisfaction. While taste launched the Promax Bar, it’s the energy, health, and training benefits that make the bar enduring.


Promax is still a leader in great tasting high protein bars.
Promax launched an update to the look of the bar line, but kept the same great tasting bars within, making only small improvements to select flavors.

You don't have to be Pro
to bring it to the Max! 

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