Brandon Messina

What makes you the Featured Fan? My fitness journey started just about three years ago with working out in my room for 30 minutes a day. I was unsatisfied with being average and decided that I wanted to make change. No more swimming with my shirt on or feeling embarrassed at the beach. I began doing as much research on working out as I possibly could, spending countless hours reading articles and watching workout videos on YouTube. I quickly fell in love with working out, and it wasn't too long before I had that six pack I'd always dreamed of. I've come a long way over the last three years and I am very proud of the progress I've made. That being said, I will never allow myself to be satisfied. Instead, I will continue to push myself in my pursuit of creating my best self.
Which PROMAX bar do you like best? PROMAX Original Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Why is fitness and nutrition important to you? In addition to pursuing my own fitness goals, I want to help others reach their goals. For this very reason, I decided to major in Exercise Science in college. Not only will I garner a great deal of fitness and nutrition information for myself, but I will be able to use that knowledge to help others reach their full potential and accomplish their fitness goals.
What is one unique thing about you? Before I began bodybuilding and weightlifting, I was an artist, a BMX rider, and a Parkour and Freerunning enthusiast. Luckily, I truly believe I have finally found my calling.
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