Colin Strong

What makes you the Featured Fan? Where should I start? I've always been on the bigger side, consistently made fun of and teased for my weight, growing up. My chest was stretched and affected the most, and it only encouraged others to make jokes about my body. I reached a max weight of 250 lbs. at 28% body fat, in a 5'10" frame. I finally reached a point where I wanted success bad enough in my life, so I started developing my body. After a few ups, downs and plateaus, I reached a checkpoint of 177 lbs. at 8% body fat! People admired my transformation and now I am able to inspire many others by encouraging them to know it's possible! It just takes time. I'll finish with these two quotes: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that's when you'll be successful.” (Not only that, but be patient with your transformation.) “A Toyota is built in six weeks but a Rolls Royce takes six months.” Embrace your body as it is, but never be satisfied. Thanks, PROMAX, for helping me on my journey!!
Which PROMAX bar do you like best? PROMAX Original Cookies 'n Cream.
Why is fitness and nutrition important to you? Fitness and Nutrition has changed my outlook on life, increased my daily energy, and allowed me to inspire others to reach their true potential.
What is one unique thing about you? I have “foot drop” from a botched surgery, but I don't let that stop me from reaching my fitness goals! Nutrition is key and PROMAX BARS keep me going every day!


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