Compartmentalization with the Task at Hand

Compartmentalization With The Task At HandBeing a Marine fighter pilot requires absolute focus. Distractions can be disastrous. But how is this accomplished? Pilots have the same stressors and diversions in life as everyone else. There are always challenges at work and project deadlines; our kids get sick or in trouble at school; and our relationships can be extremely difficult, especially with all the time away from home. It's difficult to minimize distractions in our lives and it requires practice and determined will. To help deal with this, pilots have a concept called “Compartmentalization.” Think of your mind as one of those organizing desks with all the different cubby holes. Also picture a small door covering each slot. There's a compartment for every subject in your life. Every subject gets its own compartment. When it's time to do something, you pull out all the information related to doing that one thing and focus on that and ONLY that. When it's time to fly a mission, every other subject is put away into their own compartments and the doors are closed. 

There will be time to think about them later, but they are not allowed to enter your mind during this time. “When you are in the moment, be in the moment.” That is how we focus, and it can help you too. Compartmentalization can apply to everything we do in life and is specifically beneficial when applied to your workouts, no matter what you are training for. When it comes time to train your body, clear your mind of all distractions. Be completely consumed with the task at hand. Focus your thoughts on every movement, analyzing and correcting form. Concentrate on being strong and steady. We have such limited time available to physically improve ourselves. By giving yourself over to it 100% mentally, you will maximize your time and your self-improvements. You'll feel better physically, mentally and emotionally-refreshed and ready to take on all those things waiting in those other compartments!

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