Promax's Doer contest was so much fun for me! I was able to reconnect with old friends, teammates and coaches, however the best part was seeing how enthusiastic everyone was to help me win! After the official judges selected the top 20 contestants, the winner was to be determined from online voters (AKA anyone that has ever come in contact with me!) I am still apologizing for the harassing emails, texts and letters I sent out to my oversized extended family, present and pre-existing jobs, the entire produce department at my local grocery store, and even had the mail man excited about it!

Promax sent me to Hawaii with two round trip tickets and accommodations at the most amazing hotel on Kauai. Having never been to the island I explored everything from secret beaches, forbidden caves, scrambled through the grand canyon of the pacific, drank Mai Tais and even did a four day hike on the Na Pali Coast Trail, where at the end of the 11 mile trek got engaged to my best friend, Adam, after eating a romantic meal of instant pasta and canned tuna! I even traded my favorite flavor of Promax bar, which is Rocky Road, with an old man who lives in the Kalalau Valley for a hand-made bracelet made of rare shells from a forbidden island called Ne-E-How.

Now, back in reality, I work as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach in Orange County, California, training everyday competing in Tower Running (races up stairwells), half marathons, and for my current challenge, which is inline skating across the country! I will be skating more than 4,000 miles this upcoming April raising money and awareness for Special Olympics and attempting to break a few world records along the way! Check out our website http://www.livegiveskate.org/ and learn more about our journey!

I am so excited to have Promax supporting me, and even more excited to help spread the word about these tasty protein bars! Thank You Promax!

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