Allie Liu

What makes you the Featured Fan? I am dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle, both inside and out. My devotion to exercise isn't to just get a six-pack or lose weight; it's so my body can fully function. Since I was 11 years old, I struggled with eating disorders. It wasn't until recent years that I went into treatment. After treatment I tried lifting weights instead of cardio for hours. I felt great! Now I'm stronger than ever, and feel comfortable fueling my body the way it needs to be.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR? Promax LS Chocolate Mint, for sure!! It tastes just like my favorite Girl Scout cookie and doesn't have a funky aftertaste like so many other brands.
Why is fitness and nutrition important to you? Fitness is what keeps me feel content and energized. It helps me to channel my anxiety into a healthy outlet. Nutrition is just as critical because it helps my body perform to its full potential. After years of lacking nutrients, I now can say, from eating real nutrient-dense foods, I checked out perfectly healthy at the doctors!! And no more anemia, either!
What is one unique thing about you? I'm double jointed in my thumbs and knees.


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