The 5 Best Ski Slopes In The U.S.

Check out our favorite ski destinations this winter Some of us love the warm sun, and sitting on the beach relaxing with a drink, but for those of us that embrace the colder weather and love to defy the elements, a ski trip may be preferable to that warm beach. You can't always predict where the best snow is going to be each year, but luckily there are some slopes that will always have what you're looking for. Taking into account the crowds, the terrain, the nightlife—and most importantly—the slopes, we've picked out our seven favorite ski destinations for your trip this winter.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole in Wyoming averages an incredible 459 inches of snow a year, so it's tough to have a bad year there. Nearly half of the 116 trails are for experts, but Jackson Hole is also opening up a new lift this year in an effort to expand blue terrain on the slopes. The town of Jackson is also expanding, offering better eating and a burgeoning brewing scene.


Telluride, Colorado, doesn't get quite as much snow as some of the others on this list, but it's helped out by the multitude of north-facing slopes. With 125 trails and three terrain parks, Telluride offers a great experience for experts, as well as more casual skiers. Much of the newer lodging is located at Mountain Village, a separate town on a plateau at mid-mountain.


Plain and simple, Alta averages a ton of snow each winter. 510 inches to be exact. Alta also puts off a much different vibe than a lot of the other resorts. It's more communal than vacation, and finding the right slope can be tricky. Tricky, but incredibly rewarding. If you haven't been to Alta, then you should at least be in the process of planning a trip.


With over 5,000 acres and 193 trails, Vail continues to be one of the biggest names in skiing. The skiing is amazing, but the experience of the town may be the best there is. Plenty of great restaurants gathered together in a cozy environment make Vail a must for most skiers and snowboarders.

Grand Targhee

Grand Targhee doesn't have a lot of the amenities that a bigger, more established town like Vail or Aspen has, but it makes up for that in snowfall and much less competition for powder. Located on the other side of the mountains from Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee has less name recognition, but fantastic views and a much less crowded atmosphere.

Getting outside and staying active in the winter is difficult for many, but if you're the type that loves to get out and face the elements, than these ski resorts are the perfect place for you to plan your next winter trip. Warm weather or cold, you're always going to need to adequately prepare yourself before a workout, and replenish after you get done. So check out Promax's full line of nutritious and protein-packed energy bars today.

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