5 Techniques for Better Self-Discipline

We're already well into 2016, and your New Year's resolutions may be as distant a memory as your six-pack. But health and fitness goals can be revitalized at any time. All it takes is a little rearranging of your views – and some tips from the experts – to make some real, lasting changes to your health and fitness regimen that will carry you through swimsuit season and beyond. Here are some tips for increasing your self-discipline and boosting your health and fitness goals:

1. Remove Temptations – Willpower is a lot easier to practice when the things that make us crumble are absent. That may mean taking the cookies, ice cream, and soda out of the shopping cart and leaving them at the grocery store, or replacing them with a healthy protein bar. Then, in your moment of weakness when you want a midnight snack, you won't fall back into old habits, and you'll feel better about it in the morning.

2. Reward Yourself – Experts say that rewards are responsible for three-quarters of what we do. So, remember to give yourself regular rewards when you accomplish your goals. It increases the likelihood that your habit will become ingrained. After a workout, reward yourself with a low carb protein bar or a gluten free protein bar, and you'll be motivated to exercise again in the future.

3. Focus on One Goal at a Time – Trying to do too much at once depletes us and makes us less likely to incorporate new routines into our everyday lives. Focus instead on picking up a new, good habit and, once you've incorporated that into your daily routine, set your sights on another.

4. Planning and Scheduling Is Key – Instead of telling yourself “I will get into shape,” ask yourself, “How can I arrange my day so that I make time to exercise?” Start thinking about ways to incorporate exercise into your life in new ways, whether it's walking during your lunch break, adding 20 minutes to your dog walk, joining a class at the gym with a friend, or hitting the gym before work instead of after.

5. Be Nice to Yourself – Celebrate your progress, and don't beat yourself up if you have a misstep. You're human. Beating yourself up makes you want to avoid your goals, over time. There are many other techniques and tricks to increase your motivation – get more sleep, meditate, etc. The key is to find what feels right for you, and work slowly over time to incorporate it into your daily routine, as opposed to making broad, sweeping changes instantaneously.

The experts at Promax Nutrition have plenty of other tips to get the most out of your workout, so don't forget to bookmark the blog!

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