Why You Want an Exercise Partner

How committed are you to achieving your fitness goals? If you are like most, your enthusiasm rises and falls with the weather, stress, and progress you've seen lately. It isn't easy to give your all day in and day out. Over time, you could actually begin going backwards if you don't take steps to ensure incremental growth.

You need an exercise partner.

Finding the right partner isn't easy, and you may have experienced a less-than-perfect situation in the past. Why go to all the trouble of finding a partner and investing in a relationship? Here are five reasons you need to make the effort.

1. Your partner will help you stay positive. On those dark, cloudy mornings or at the end of a hard day at work, it is not easy to see the bright side of working up a sweat. That's when your workout buddy's smile and encouragement is just what you need to keep you going.

2. Your partner will help you focus on your goals. You set milestones and goals that were so important to you, but as time goes by, these goals can fade in significance. Your fitness partner can keep those diet and fitness priorities important in your eyes with frequent reminders and encouragement. That makes you much more likely to achieve your goals.

3. Your partner will help you maintain your technique. Another set of eyes on your stance and another set of hands during your workout can make all the difference. Your exercise partner can let you know about mistakes you are making and help protect against injuries. That's a tremendous benefit to your workout safety and success.

4. Your partner will help you stay faithful to your workout routine. It's easy to become lax when there is no one else involved, but as soon as you make an appointment to exercise with someone, you have instant accountability. You won't want to keep your partner waiting, and you might even be embarrassed to “not keep up.” That's why people with exercise partners see more progress than those who work out on their own. There is a lot of strength in just one more.

5. Your partner will be appreciative of your help, too. While you are getting these benefits of working out with someone, your workout buddy is getting the same advantages. You are giving just as much as you are getting out of the partnership. Not only will that feel good to you, as you know you've helped improve the life of someone else, but your workout partner will be grateful for that help too. It's another case of feeling good while doing good.

So whether you work out with a family member, neighbor, coworker, or friend, find an exercise partner to help you be your best. It may take a little more effort at the beginning, but over the long haul, you'll see lasting results and stronger, healthier relationship.
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