Exercise Tips for Beginners

Experienced athletes and fitness professionals already know the right and wrong way to get the most from their exercise programs. They know how to fuel their body with protein bars before and after workouts; they know which exercises will best achieve desired results; and they know how to push their body without breaking it. Beginners to the world of exercise are not on the same fitness level, so they need to keep some handy tips in mind as they begin their own fitness journey.

Make sure you are physically able to exercise. This might include a visit to your doctor to get the okay, especially if you have any health issues, such as knee problems, blood pressure problems, or heart problems. Get the green light from a professional before you start your exercise program.

Remember that you are a beginner. It can be easy to dive headfirst into exercising and throw caution to the wind. But you will pay for overdoing it, and you can even seriously hurt your body. Instead, opt for a beginner's program that will gradually ease you into more strenuous workouts. These programs won't have you working out five days a week until your body is physically ready for that much exercise.

Make sure you have the right equipment. This includes the proper shoes and clothing for the activities you plan on doing. For instance, if you are going to run, you need running shoes that are designed to support your feet the right way. If you are hitting a bike trail on your bicycle, then you need to make sure your clothes are form-fitting to keep anything from getting tangled up in the wheels or chain.

Know when to stop. If you are feeling too much discomfort during your exercise routine, it is okay to take a break. Yes, you want to raise your heartrate, but you don't want to wind up in cardiac arrest. If you feel any chest pains, severe muscle cramps, or other serious symptoms, stop exercising immediately.

If you are going to a gym and training with a personal trainer, make sure he/she knows that you are a beginner, and mention any health concerns you have. Your trainer will design a program specifically to meet your needs. 

Avoid stretching until your muscles are warmed up. Doing some minor warmup exercises will get your muscles ready for action. Then, you can do some stretches. If you stretch before you warm up, you can put yourself at risk for an injury. Your muscles need to be eased into the exercise process every time, rather than going full-force without warming up.

Keep your expectations reasonable. You are not going to see instant results as a beginner. You have to work up to the more strenuous workouts, the ones that are going to have a bigger impact on your fitness. So, be patient, keep working out, and eventually you will see the results you want.

To learn more about fitness and exercise, whether you are a beginner or an old pro, contact us today at Promax Nutrition.

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