Fitness Tips for Beginners

When you've got the best energy bars on your side, you might feel like you can conquer anything in your fitness endeavors. However, when you are starting out on the path to getting fit, you will have to start slow. If you go too hard too fast, you risk injury, burnout and unnecessary discomfort. In addition to this, fitness is a mixture of technique and diet. Here are some tips to take you from beginner status to pro in no time!

  1. Form a daily exercise habit. This means that your workout frequency is appropriate to your goals. If you are working out frequently, be sure to incorporate some days off. When you start to gain results, start focusing on different areas of your body on different days.
  2. Try new things all the time. Avoid getting stuck in the same routine. By engaging in different exercises and sequences you'll keep your body from hitting a plateau. Focus on different areas of the body so that your body cannot fall into a groove.
  3. Relax when you work out. Being tense and straining can cause you to hurt yourself when working out. It also wastes a lot of energy that could have been applied to your workout routine. If you are having trouble relaxing while working out, try meditation or yoga prior to your routine, and then do it again afterward.
  4. Always sit, stand, and walk with good posture. It improves your mood and attitude. This also applies to your workout. If you mentally check out during this time, you are not working out to your full potential. This makes your workouts ineffective. Good alignment also reduces your risk of injury.
  5. Learn to breathe. Breathing is involuntary, but, while working out, you need to be doing it right. For better performance, experts suggest that you need to inhale for the rest phases, and exhale during the work phases. This is not as easy as it sounds, and it is something you'll have to continually work at.
  6. Always be ready to set new goals. Hitting a slump at the gym or in your progress is hard to stomach. When this happens, you have to be prepared to change your goals and your workouts. Instead of hitting the exercise machines again, try out Zumba or go lift some weights.
  7. Wear functional footwear. Make sure your shoes are comfortable throughout your workouts. When choosing a shoe, head to an athletic store where you can speak with someone who knows which types of shoes are best for different activities.
  8. If your competitive nature is getting out of hand, try exercising for a few days with someone who moves at a much slower pace. There is no pressure or a need to compete, and you might just have fun doing it.
  9. Do all the activities that you hate or feel like you cannot conquer. This means struggling through exercises that you are not very good at. Over time, you'll see more progress and might even come to enjoy those exercises.
  10. Avoid overeating when you first start out, especially if weight loss if your goal. Be sure to eat at regular intervals throughout the day aiming for 4 to 6 healthy meals and snacks.

For more fitness advice and tips, contact us at Promax.

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