Joe Wilson

What makes you the Featured Fan? I love PROMAX bars. My masters swim coach recommended them to me. A PROMAX bar is perfect after a hard swimming practice. Also, when I'm on the road, an apple and a PROMAX bar make for a complete lunch. When I compete in a swim meet, I always bring one or two bars to eat between races and maybe give one to another swimmer. Plus they taste great.
Which PROMAX bar do you like best? PROMAX Original Double Fudge Brownie.
Why is fitness and nutrition important to you? As I age, Fitness and Nutrition become more and more crucial. Personally, I have a tendency to put on weight so it's mandatory. And, if I don't exercise and eat right, my energy levels are much lower. As an athlete who is keenly aware of health issues, I need to maintain this lifestyle for every imaginable reason including keeping up with my two high-energy dogs who need a lot of exercise. Also, I run in 5K races and compete in masters swimming competitions so it's all part of the entire package.
What is one unique thing about you? I'd like to say it's that I swam from Petit Bateau Island to Jamesby Island and back in the Tobago Cays in the Grenadines, but someone else might have done that also, which would no longer make it unique. I'm in my early 60s and did amazing things in my 50s. At age 54, I did two 7-mile swims on consecutive Sundays while recovering from a quadriceps tendon rupture. One unique thing is my “pyramid philosophy” for athletic training. It's too detailed to write here but I intend to publish it somewhere soon.
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