The Benefits of Cycling

There is a wide range of benefits people gain when they ride their bikes on a frequent basis. Did you know that 82% of the people who regularly ride their bikes to work, but might not do any other forms of exercise or fitness, experienced an overall improvement in their health?

People who ride their bikes to work are able to get the minimum recommended 30 minutes of daily moderate aerobic activity, freeing time up before and after work for other activities. Since they are getting in plenty of aerobic activity and giving the body a complete workout, they do not have to worry about making separate trips to the local health club, or trying to find time to fit in exercise around their busy schedules.

Not only is cycling a great way to get plenty of physical activity, it also helps lower risks for certain medical conditions, like high blood pressure, heart disease, and breast cancer. In addition, cycling on a regular basis improves overall brain functions, which helps reduce mental health issues, such as depression. To discover more benefits that cycling on a daily basis provides, please continue to read and review the following infographic. The Benefits of Cycling Infographic

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