Six Tips for Choosing the Right Running Shoes

Getting in shape requires choosing the right gear. Whether it's protein bars, exercise equipment, or running shoes, picking the right products can make a huge difference in your comfort and performance. If your workout includes running on the trail or doing a little cardio in the gym on a treadmill, wearing the right shoes is extremely important. It's not a matter of picking the most expensive or trendiest shoes; it's a matter of picking the shoes that best fit your feet. By wearing the right shoes, your feet will be more comfortable when you run or walk, allowing you longer and more challenging workouts. Here's a few tips from exercise experts concerning choosing the right shoes:
  • Know your foot type – Perform the “wet test” to determine your foot type. Wet your feet, then step on a grocery bag or other piece of brown paper and examine your footprint. By looking at the footprint, you should be able to tell if your feet are flat, or have high arches or regular arches.
  • Pick shoes best suited for your foot type – People with flat feet will be best served by shoes with dual-density midsoles and supportive posts. They'll also need to ensure their shoes offer firm support. Runners with high arches will need neutral-cushioned shoes with a soft midsole. Runners with normal arches have a broader range of shoes available to them.
  • Shop at the right time of day – Shop toward the end of the day. Your feet tend to swell at the end of the day, making them larger. The shoes you buy in the morning may feel too tight later in the day.
  • Trust your feet – If a shoe feels uncomfortable, don't buy it, even if it meets all of the other criteria. You are the best judge of whether a shoe works for you or not.
  • You may want to get more than one pair of running shoes. According to Runner's World, alternating running shoes can reduce your risk of injury. A study of 264 runners found that runners who rotated shoes had a 39 percent lower risk of injury than runners who stuck with just one pair of shoes during the 22-week study.
  • Seek advice from your gym trainer or a qualified salesperson in the store before purchasing your athletic shoes. These professionals can steer you toward the right footwear, and they may even be able to hook you up with a discount.
Foot injuries are all too common among runners, and a strained tendon or twisted ankle can throw off your exercise plan. Pick the right footwear to reduce your risk of injury and make running less work and more fun. Runner Stretch Promax Nutrition gives people who want strong bodies the natural protein, vitamins, and minerals they need in delicious, gluten-free protein bars. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, Promax is the perfect fuel for every palate.
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