Warning: 10 Signs You Aren't Getting Enough Protein

You know that protein is an important part of your diet, and you have already taken steps to increase your protein consumption. How do you know if you are eating enough protein? Are there signs that your body is not getting all the protein it needs?

Absolutely! Your body will tell you in several ways if your diet includes sufficient protein to handle your daily fitness and wellness needs. Take this quick quiz to see if your body is asking for more.


  1. Are you tired? Fatigue after a strenuous workout or at the end of a long day is expected. But if you are feeling tired when you wake up in the morning or having a mid-day slump, you likely need more protein.
  2. Do you crave sweets? Protein helps regulate blood sugar, so if you are constantly reaching for cookies, you may want to turn to healthy protein snacks instead.
  3. Are you hungry? A balanced meal or snack should leave you satisfied for two to three hours. If you are looking for lunch before that, make sure you are including a strong protein source each time you eat. Protein will help you feel full longer.
  4. Do you have brain fog? By regulating blood sugar, protein keeps your brain functioning at its optimal level. Loss of clarity after eating with a sharp drop in capabilities drop an hour or two later is a sure sign of protein deficiency.
  5. Are you becoming weaker even though you are strength training? Your body actually breaks down muscle during workouts. If you don't supply yourself with adequate protein, you could lose muscle rather than gain.
  6. Are you seeing more flab than muscle? Your body needs protein to function on a daily basis. If you don't replenish that supply adequately, you may begin breaking down muscle for protein. Eat plenty of protein to keep the muscle you have.
  7. Are you suffering more injuries? Muscle needs to be repaired after every exercise. Without adequate protein, your muscles may not get all the repair they need, leading to more injury. Also, with insufficient protein, your injuries will heal slower and you'll notice a longer recovery time.
  8. Are you frequently ill? Your body uses protein as well for keeping the immune system strong. Insufficient protein intake could leave your immune system lacking.
  9. Is your hair falling out? Your body rebuilds with protein, and in the absence of adequate stores will begin rationing to the most important functions. One of the first things to fall by the way side is hair and nails. If you notice hair thinning, nails breaking, and hang nails, it's time to get more protein.
  10. Are you achy? Without protein to rebuild connective tissues and cartilage, you may begin noticing joint pain and aches increase.

If you said “yes” to several of these questions, it's time to beef up your protein intake. For quick protein on the go, be sure to stock up on Promax bars, too.

For more information about nutrition and exercise, check back each week for tips from Promax Nutrition.

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