6 MORE Gyms to Check off your Travel List

We couldn't stop at just six fantastic, trip-worthy workout facilities, so here's part two of our series, The 6 Most Iconic Gyms in the World. We've got a serious case of wanderlust, and we hope you're as inspired to get to the next level of your workout as we are!

  1. St. Regis San Francisco – San Francisco, California

Sometimes, you're on vacation and find that you've overindulged on room service and the hotel minibar. Well, if that hotel is the St. Regis in San Francisco, you're in luck. The city's most awesome trainers are on retainer at this hotel gym, ready to get you back into the swing of things on the outdoor terrace or in the private yoga room. If you're someone who needs a killer playlist to get your blood pumping, grab one of the handy iPods, preloaded with fantastic workout playlists. If you're searching for a runner's high, the hotel concierge can provide options for the city's most scenic running routes, and you can cool off in the outdoor infinity pool. Ahhhhhhh.StRegis_SanFrancisco

  1. Red Rocks Fitness – Denver, CO

Okay, okay, this isn't a gym. But it is beautiful and a great place to get workin' on your fitness. If you think air conditioned workouts are for wimps, why not take yours outside to the only naturally occurring amphitheater in the world? Enroll in the Red Rocks Fitness challenge for a grueling 12 week program of five workouts a week while listening to music on these beautiful steps. There are also meal plans and personal coaching for those who want to get even more involved. If you just want to find some Zen, there's probably nothing better than Child's Pose in this surrounding.


  1. Athletes' Performance – Phoenix, Arizona

If you've ever fantasized about being a big-name athlete with crowds of adoring fans screaming your name, this is your place. Athletes' Performance is home to the NFL Combine Program, where elite players come to make use of the hot and cold pools, onsite physical therapy, and exclusive underwater treadmill. Beware, though: if you want to join, it's going to cost you—the $16,500 to $30,000 yearly membership can make even the heartiest piggy bank squeal for mercy.

Image: Architecture3s Image: Architecture3s
  1. GreenMicrogym – Portland, Oregon
How hard do you work out? Pretty hard, right? Well, do you think it's hard enough to power a building? At GreenMicrogym, it can help! At this cozy neighborhood facility, members produce the electricity needed to power the facility through specially designed fitness equipment. The gym's founder, Adam Boesel, is a a personal trainer who designed a spin bike that makes it easy for anyone to help power their building with the power of their gym regime. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles here, but GreenMicrogym does the basics well—expect cardio, weights, personal training, and friendly service with a smile. This gym uses about 85 percent less electricity and has a carbon footprint 1/10th of the size of a traditional gym. Now that's some motivation to push just a little bit harder.
Image: Facebook 
  1. Brooklyn Zoo – Brooklyn, NY
If generic gym routines have got you down, it might be time to visit this New York adult playground. Brooklyn Zoo is a 4,500 square foot parkour studio. If you're not familiar with parkour, it's an exercise method of getting from one way to another using the obstacles in your path rather than avoiding them—think jumping, flipping, climbing, swinging, rolling. The facility has plenty of unique structures to play on and even an adult-sized trampoline. After a few sessions here, you'll be ready to be the action here of your dreams.
  1. Tiger Muay Thai Gym – Thailand

Wanna work swinging sledgehammers into your workout? At Tiger Muay Thai, no problem. Muay Thai is a fierce variety of Asian MMA that incorporates the whole body into a workout, and this gym is the most famous one in all of Asia for it. For $3,444 per year for the deluxe membership package, you'll also be fight hard, train mean, and be able to play with heavy bags, truck tires, and ground & pound bags, no big deal.

Image: http://www.islandmuaythai.com/i-would-definitely-recommend-tiger-muay-thai-and-mma-to-anyone-interested-in-learning-or-continuing-muay-thai-training.html Image: http://www.islandmuaythai.com/i-would-definitely-recommend-tiger-muay-thai-and-mma-to-anyone-interested-in-learning-or-continuing-muay-thai-training.html
Enjoy the trip, but don't forget to pack some protein to fuel your workouts and help you recover quickly! We recommend a healthy variety of delicious, nutritious Promax Bars, which can fit in even the smallest of carry-ons. Contact us today to learn more about how Promax Bars can keep you happy, healthy, and energized during your fitness vacation.

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