The 6 Most Iconic Gyms in the World to Add to Your Bucket List

Most people have a bucket list: a list of beautiful places to visit, things to do, and people to meet that will enrich their lives and make them happy. The average fitness junkie also has a separate list, one that includes his or her goals of miles to run, competitions to enter, and pounds to lift. These two lists aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, some of the most iconic gyms in the world are also in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Here's a list of the six most incredible gyms to schedule to visit.
  1. Hydropark Outdoor Gym – Dnieper River in Kiev, Ukraine

This park is full of benches, boats, and water attractions. The real attraction, though, is the old-school gym that puts the rust in rustic. The machines are made of salvaged scrap metal and used truck parks, but that doesn't stop the city's toughest fitness fans from flooding the park since the 1970s. While ladies are welcome, this is totally a testosterone zone; it's not uncommon to see hundreds of sweaty dudes in Speedos trying to get ripped.


  1. E at Equinox – New York

E is synonymous with luxury in the Big Apple, and that's obvious from the moment you walk through the retina scanner at the door all the way to when you rinse the chlorine out of your hair with high-end Kiehl's soaps. An estimated $21,000 per year gets members access to unlimited training sessions with a personal trainer who will run you ragged while ensuring you meet your biggest goals. E also employs full-time exercise science experts who analyze members' activity profiles, body compositions, and metabolic rates to make sure that they're maximizing efficiency and minimizing injury.

 Image: Image:
  1. Green Fitness Studio – Brooklyn, NY
What do you get when you combine a Brooklyn hipster with a gym rat? It sounds like the lead-in to a good punchline, right? Well, this fitness studio is no joke. Green Fitness Studio claims the title of first eco-friendly fitness center and combines its love of exercise with green, Millennial-friendly sensibilities. It has bamboo floors, recycled rubber mats, water-conserving bathrooms, and energy-efficient exercise machines, along with a registered dietician and team of nutrition experts on staff. After your workout, you can hit up the local, organic, sustainable juice bar to go with your delicious Promax bar… after all, we don't use any artificial sweeteners and we're gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian. A match made in fitness heaven! All of these features led to Green being called the “best newfangled gym” by New York Magazine in 2010. Not too shabby!
Image: Green Fitness Studio Image: Green Fitness Studio
  1. Nike World Headquarters – Beaverton, Oregon
Do the names Christiano Ronaldo, and Michael Johnson mean anything to you? These elite athletes trained at this 190 acre fitness center, which is tricked out with state of the art equipment and the biggest names in personal training. The running track is made from 50,000 recycled Nike shoes. The only catch? This gym is 100 percent invite only… we're pretty sure our invitation got lost in the mail.
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  1. Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym – Tokyo, Japan
If you're tired of the same ol' multicolored climbing walls, it's time to shimmy, streeeeetch, and climb your way to Illoiha Omotesando. Perhaps the most stylish climbing gym in the world, Illoiha combines Japan's famous street fashion with traditional rock climbing. This gym uses beautiful interior design elements to replace the faux bolders with mirrors, windows, deer heads, bird cages, and flower vases—all gorgeous pieces well worth reaching for! The idea is to “become beautiful through movement,” according to the gym's website. Sign us up!
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  1. Mizzou Rec Center – Columbia, Missouri

Man, it must be good to be a Tiger! This rec center is located on the University of Missouri campus rivals some of the biggest free-standing gyms and fitness clubs on our list. Students and staff have access to tons of amenities and facilities. There's a boxing gym, Jungle Gym room with exercise machines, indoor track, Pump Room with free weights up to 200 pounds, 35 foot climbing wall, and a bouldering wall. Group classes and one-on-ones with nationally certified trainers are also available. For those who like their workouts in water or just want to cool off after an intense time, there's the Grotto: an indoor pool with waterfall, lazy river, steam room, sauna, and hot tub. Students can also check out equipment like towels, balls, and kettlebells for free with their IDs.

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Have we inspired you to plan a trip to one of these famous gyms? Before you go, don't forget to pack a suitcase with sneakers, your favorite water bottle, and some Promax Bars to fuel your fantastic workouts. For more information about Promax, check out our product page or our blog, then contact us to learn more about how Promax Bars can keep you full, lean, and mean during your world travels.


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