6 Outdoor Fitness Hacks to Use this Summer

 Now that the weather is warmer, we're stocking up on our sunshine and Promax protein bars so we can enjoy more time outside and on the go. But what about gym time? Many athletes use the free time we have in the evening after work to fit in a workout. More often than not, these workouts occur inside, in a gym or training space of some kind. That's no way to enjoy the great weather! We've made a list of ways that you can take your workout outside without equipment.

Chalk - If you're looking for something to do close to home, move your workout to your driveway with a piece of chalk. Remember hopscotch? You can make yourself a similar sort of obstacle course. This workout allows you to test your creativity.

Playground - Playgrounds aren't just for kids anymore. Many cities and towns are incorporating outdoor areas for adults to train now If there isn't one in your area though, that's okay! Head to the nearest playground and work your upper body on the monkey bars and test your heart rate by seeing how quickly you can do everything in the playground. Do the course once as quickly as you can. What was your time? Do it 5 more times and record your time. Now you'll have a base for when you try it next time.

Phone Apps - Many of us will bring our phones along for a workout to listen to music or an audio book. This time around, use your phone as a workout tool. There are tons of new apps you can now use to workout. Bring your phone to an outdoor track or field and get sweating!

Pick-a-Tree - This hack is great for outdoor runners. It's easy to fit in interval training when you're on the treadmill—simply turn up the speed of the treadmill and spring for a specific amount of time, right? You can do that outside, too. Along your run, pick a tree or some sort of landmark as a goal (such as a mailbox, a street sign, or another land mark). Sprint until you reach the landmark, then continue at a regular pace for a time of your choosing. Once you catch your breath, do it again. Repeat until you're entirely tuckered out!

Bleachers - Head to a local track or football field for your outdoor workout. Without a game and its crowd, bleachers are left entirely empty. Take advantage and run the bleachers up and down. Some stadiums are a bit too large to run in their entirety. If that's the case, pick a section to run and make it a goal to do more each time. This quick climb is sure to get your heart rate pumping.

Benches - Keep an eye out for any benches or hard even surfaces (like cement edges or walls) that you see outside. You can use them to do planks, tricep dips, push-ups, or even step-ups if they aren't too high off the ground.

Now go give it a shot Now do you see? You don't need all of that high-end equipment the gym has to get your heart rate soaring. Take advantage of what's outside in your very own community. Above all, don't forget to be on top of your hydration and nutrition before, during, and after your workout. Not only will you be motivated from mixing up your workout, but maybe it'll save you a couple of dollars on your monthly gym membership, too!

If you're stuck and need new ideas about fitness and nutrition, don't hesitate to stop by our blog for motivation!

Sources: http://www.active.com/fitness/articles/10-fitness-hacks-you-can-t-miss http://greatist.com/fitness/how-rock-summer-workout-despite-heat

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