8 Ways to Evaluate Your Overall Fitness

Whether you're a beginner or a fitness trainer, it's easy to slip up into bad habits. That's why it's important to regularly check your technique and motivations. Each season, ask yourself these questions to evaluate your progress. Remember, fitness is not just about how much you can bench press, how far you run, or how much you weigh. It's a healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Check yourself today against these measurements for real success and make any needed changes.

1. Are you too competitive?
Does your fitness partner feel like you have to one-up him? Is your social media all about your latest time? No one likes a show-off, so keep your focus where it should be – achieve your goals, celebrate your success, and be ready to celebrate the achievements of others.

2. Do you focus on problems rather than progress?
On the flip side, let's not be all negative, either. Do you look in the mirror and only see “problem areas”? Do you take time to celebrate your achievements? And do you refrain from badmouthing your body or your fitness to others? Instead, make note of your progress toward your goals and take satisfaction in the journey.

3. Are you pushing too much too soon?
There is a danger of over-fatigue, especially when you are just starting out. Be patient with your body and be sure to ease into any new routine. Rest well after workouts and be sure to refuel with a protein bar within thirty minutes to aid recovery.

4. Are you losing sight of your long-term goals?
There will be good days and bad days, and events come and go. Any one event, though, doesn't make or break your long-term fitness. Keep watching for long-term progress and be patient during plateaus and set-backs. They don't define you.

5. Are you inconsistent?
So when you keep that long-term goal in front of you, remember that progress is made up of small decisions. Keep going on those off-days, and your progress will be apparent soon.

6. Are you generally active?
Fitness isn't just a run around the block then life on the couch. Increase your activity every chance you get and those small changes pay off. Enjoy active recreation on the weekend, and wear a pedometer during the work week to encourage more movement.

7. Do you neglect strength training?
Over time, the average adult loses critical muscle mass. That lean muscle is so important for recovery after workout and for burning calories throughout the day. Be sure to maintain strength-building exercises in your workout to guard against injury and weakness.

8. How is your diet?
It is so important to maintain a healthy diet to ensure your body gets the nutrients you need for an active lifestyle. Be sure you are getting the protein and vitamins you need for both your long-term health and weight loss goals.
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