Beat Fatigue And Stay In The Game

The most common reason for skipping working out is that fatigue we all experience from time to time. Perhaps the single greatest cause of broken exercise resolutions, fatigue can be an enemy that is difficult to fight.

Tired? You Are Not Alone 24% of the US adult population experiences persistent fatigue1. For many, the response to feeling tired naturally enough is resting or resorting to sugar and caffeine. But then the crash comes, and you're worse off than before. Fortunately there is a proven method of fighting the blahs and cultivating an invigorated sense of wellbeing. And while it may seem paradoxical to work out when you're knackered, studies2 have shown that regular exercise is the best way to stave off fatigue.

The First Steps Can Be The Hardest If exercise is so good for us, why do we often have a sense of aversion to it? Science as yet has no answers for where those sluggish feelings come from, but studies3 suggest that we equate a sense of fatigue with the amount of effort it takes to push through and start that workout. Mindset is key. Expecting those feelings of resistance can help you prepare yourself to determine to get through them.

Keeping Exercise In Perspective You don't have to work out hard to get the benefits of exercise. Especially if you're fatigued, low intensity activities like a brisk walk or cycling are great ways to stay active. Low-intensity strength training is another way to circumvent the workout blues, and studies have shown4 low resistance training has an impact on muscle strength and tissue composition comparable to heavy lifting. If you're planning on following a high-intensity workout program (there's solid evidence of its benefits5 ), on days when you're feeling tired, less can be more. Focus on a mini-session of 10 minutes of intense exercise. It will benefit your energy level and keep your mind in the habit of exercising.

Get More From Exercising The best way to maximize the energizing health benefits of exercise is make sure lifestyle factors align with your training goals. Ensuring you get enough sleep, maintaining a balanced diet, keeping stress under control are the foundations upon which your wellbeing rests. You should also be on guard to avoid overtraining, which can cause you to feel fatigued. It is important to allow your body to rest and restore muscle tissue. Important too is the need to supply your body with high quality protein within 30-60 minutes after exercise. Precision nutrition is the ideal way to support your body after a grueling workout. Promax offers the highest quality protein and carbohydrates in delicious, easy-to-digest bars.

1. Chen, Martin K. “The epidemiology of self-perceived fatigue among adults.”Preventive medicine 15.1 (1986): 74-81. 2. Puetz, Timothy W. “Physical activity and feelings of energy and fatigue.” Sports medicine 36.9 (2006): 767-780. 3. Marcora, Samuele. “Perception of effort during exercise is independent of afferent feedback from skeletal muscles, heart, and lungs.” Journal of applied physiology 106.6 (2009): 2060-2062. 4. Taaffe, D. R., et al. “Comparative effects of high?and low?intensity resistance training on thigh muscle strength, fiber area, and tissue composition in elderly women.” Clinical Physiology 16.4 (1996): 381-392. 5. Laursen, Paul B., and David G. Jenkins. “The scientific basis for high-intensity interval training.” Sports Medicine 32.1 (2002): 53-73.

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