Finding Balance and Strength During Holiday Chaos

With all the food, family and parties packed into such a short time period, achieving balance during the upcoming holiday season can be tough for anyone. And it's no secret, during this time of year, women are often the driver for making the holidays “sparkle” for their families, which can put fitness on the backburner. The Women's Strength Nation™ movement is all about improving a woman's health through strength training and conditioning, as well as nutrition. These tools can help women discover and cultivate a deeper sense of physical, personal and spiritual strength – who couldn't use more of that this time of year?

Before we're in the midst of the holiday season, take time to create an action plan to make sure you won't run out of time for your sweat sessions. Scheduling workouts by writing them into your calendar can be helpful. I like to plan workouts first thing in the morning, and it also gives me energy I can use all day long! Find times that make sense and are realistic for you. Remember, if you prioritize a little bit of time for yourself, you'll have more of yourself to give to your loved ones. Your strength-training program will give you the added resilience, stamina and personal strength that you'll want during the chaos of the season. Take a minute now to write out a reasonable fitness plan that you can adhere to for the next 60 days.

Additionally, if you're not able to take time out and sit down to a well-balanced meal, eating a Promax LS (Lower Sugar) Low Net Carb bar is an easy way to re-fuel on the go, especially during holiday shopping. With only 3 grams of sugar, it's a satisfying alternative to typical fast food options, and, they come in two delicious flavors: Honey Peanut and Chocolate Mint! Staying fit and eating right will give you the strength (literally) to handle all that comes your way this season, and help you start the New Year putting your best foot forward. 

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