How to Tone and Strengthen Abs and Hips

The most difficult areas of the body to lose fat are the belly and the hips. It is important to remember there are no “quick fix” solutions to getting rid of the fat in these locations. Rather, it takes a little bit of patience and persistence to lose fat and build muscle. In addition, it requires following a balanced routine of targeted strength building exercises, a healthy diet, and cardiovascular exercises. Combined, these three are the most effective ways to get rid of that unwanted fat on the hips and belly. Strength building exercises are essential to build muscle and lose fat. Simply dieting to lose weight is not effective. Instead of losing fat, what occurs is a loss to muscle mass. While your scale might indicate the pounds are going away, it is most likely the result of less muscle, not less fat. Additionally, you should never use a scale as your sole method of measuring your progress, because muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue. Use a tape measure to measure your belly and hips on a weekly basis, as the measurements will give you a better picture of your progress. Exercises need to target specific core regions. It is equally important to strengthen both the front and back muscle groups. Five strengthening exercises that will help include:
  1. Push-ups: Use a chair or other stationary object and do pushups at an angle rather than flat on the floor.
  2. Sit Ups (Ab Crunches): Have someone hold your feet or put your feet under the sofa. You may also use a workout bench and lay on your back and do sit ups this way.
  3. Leg Lifts: Standing in an upright position, lift the legs upwards while bending at the knee, and raise the leg as high as you can unassisted.
  4. Step Ups and Downs: Use a flight of stairs in the home. Step up one stair, then down one, then up two, and, then down two, etc.
  5. Low Back Pull Ups: The lower back requires strengthening, too, as you lose belly and hip fat. Lean over a weight bench seat in an angled position at the waist, cross your arms over your chest, and pull yourself upright.

Avoid over exerting yourself too quickly. It is better to do one or two sets of each exercise, and then move on to the next one. As you become stronger, you can increase the number of sets. Exercising should not be done on a daily basis. The muscles need time to rest. It is suggested to do exercises two or three times a week, every other day. On the off days, focus on cardiovascular training, like walking or jogging. Lastly, no regimen would be complete without the proper diet. Ideally, you should eat five to seven small meals and snacks throughout the day. For snacks, try nutrition bars, since they have vitamins, minerals, and protein your body needs.

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