Kick Start Your Spring with this Workout

Bad weather can raise the temptation of settling indoors with a tasty beverage and maybe some pizza. Instead, grab your towel and head to the nearest gym to get in a fast, full-body, indoor workout from professional athlete and Promax DOer Kacie Cleveland.

Start with 20 min of intervals on a stationary bike, adjusting the gear and speed to make your sprints more intense.

  • For 4 minutes: pedal fast (keeping RPM over 80)
  • For 10 minutes: alternate between 1 minute SPRINT and 1 minute quick PEDAL (not too slowly)


  • For 6 minutes: alternate between 30 second SPRINT and 1 minute quick pedal

PART TWO: 5 Rounds of 20

1. WALKING LUNGES Starting with your right leg, lunge far enough forward so your right knee is directly above your right heel. Lower your hips keeping your spine straight and chest up. Keeping your weight on your right heel, bring your left leg up and in one continuous motion, lunge your left leg forward, repeating the process until you complete 20 on each leg.

2. PUSH UPS Keep neck in line with your spine and lower full body until chest touches floor. Drop down to your knees if back begins to arch.

3. BOX JUMPS Jump up onto a box or bench, standing all the way up at the top before stepping or jumping back down.

4. LAZY BURPEES Stand with feet hip-width apart and place hands on the ground, jump both feet back into plank position and quickly back under your hips landing on your heels. Finish by jumping into the air. Complete as quickly as possible.

5. REVERSE CRUNCHES Lay on your back with legs up and knees bent at 90 degrees. Drive knees towards your chest raising hips off of the ground and slowly lower back down.

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