Tips to Get Active by Memorial Day

1. Body Fat Competition. Gather some friends, have one expert take the measurements and see who can lose the most inches in one month. Set the wager and the winner takes all!

2. Wash your car by hand. Don't have a car? Neither do I. Join a local charity that is hosting a car wash to raise money. It is a great way to tone your arms and get those squats in, while you do some good and meet new people.

3. Push-Up/Sit-Up Contest. 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups is the goal. Gather those friends again, and when you can't do anymore push-ups, switch to sit-ups. But... whoever switches the LEAST... wins!

4. Are you thinking of going Greener? Take your “Green Living” to a whole new level and participate in an eco-friendly event. Swim, run, ride and recycle! Look for an eco-friendly event in your area here.

5. Hire an expert personal trainer. It is worth every penny. Have them to take you through their most intense workout. This will get you OUT of your comfort zone, break up your routine and get you IN shape.

6. The Imaginary Chair Contest. See who can sit the longest. Make sure your legs are in right angles and you are against a sturdy wall. This is a great way to find out who's the warrior. You may be surprised!

7. Join a team in a favorite sport that you haven't played in a while. It is a fantastic way to create a community by finding people who like to be pushed to the next level. Every city has social events and they are very easy to find online.

8. Take a dance class. It can work muscales that have been dormant, improve your coordination, and you can break a serious sweat.

9. Run or ride your bike between errands. Make a list of all those “TO-DOs” that you can get done by running/riding from one to the next. Grab your favorite Promax bar, backpack and get going!

10. Take your weekly catch-up with friends outside. Rather than chatting inside on the phone or couch, take a walk or jog together and catch up!

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