NBA Playoffs And The Importance Of Staying Dedicated

The NBA playoffs are here again, and while Golden State looks to defend their title, we get to witness some of the world's greatest athletes going head to head over the course of the playoffs. Sometimes we take that greatness for granted when we watch them play. It's easy to say that those players simply have loads of natural talent, but we should remember that they beat out literally thousands of other players along the way to get to where they are. Natural talent is pretty random, but no one is born with an insane work ethic.

You can be certain that the players who've made it to the playoffs are some of the hardest working athletes around. That level of dedication is an inspiration to us all, but not everyone has the dream of an NBA career to keep them motivated. So next time you're feeling unmotivated before your workout, use these tips to get you going.

Give Yourself Visual Cues
Keep your dumbbells in plain sight in your room. Leave your running shoes by the door. Prop your tennis racket in a corner you see every day. Visual cues send messages to your brain that can help keep working out in the forefront of your mind. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is actually pretty true when it comes to fitness motivation.

Find A Workout Buddy (Or Two)
There's no better motivation than getting a text from your friend asking if you're coming to the gym today. Knowing that you're missing out while your buddy is getting a workout in should make you think twice about that Netflix marathon you have planned. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, and working out with a friend will give you the edge you need to push yourself. And having a bigger group can help you when one of your friends really can't make it to one of your workouts.

Really Reward Yourself
If the only reward you're giving yourself for working out is the knowledge that you're in slightly better shape, then you might end up with some motivational problems. A vague overall goal simply isn't as effective as something tangible that you can have directly after your workout. A smoothie, protein bar, or even a few episodes of your favorite show as a workout reward can help get you up and moving.

Identify What's Stopping You
It's easy to imagine how good you'll feel after, and even during, a workout. However, we all know that doesn't always get you out of bed. Take some time to really think over what's stopping you from going to work out, and once you identify it, it's easier to come up with a plan to keep yourself from flaking on your workout regimen.

You may not be an NBA superstar, but that doesn't mean your fitness goals should be any less important to you. So check out our blog for more great fitness tips, and while you're there you can find the protein bar that's right for you.

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