Setting Goals for Your Workouts

A lot of people have general goals when it comes to working out. For example, your New Year's Resolution may be to “go to the gym more,” but what does that really mean? Without specific workout goals it is hard to remain accountable to yourself so you can achieve results. Whether you want to set a fitness goal, like running a 5K, or a diet goal, like incorporating a workout protein bar into your routine, thinking about the little steps now will allow you to see the bigger picture. The key is to start out small. Being reasonable about your workout goals gives you a good foundation from which to build down the road. Start with a goal that is easy to achieve, such as running for 10 minutes each day. Before you know it your stamina will have improved and you'll be going on longer and longer runs. When it comes to your diet, try setting a weekly goal rather than a long-term one. Cutting out sugar for a week, or eating a Promax workout protein bar before going to the gym, helps your body adjust in increments and get used to the changes that lead to success. As your diet goals become easier to attain you can take a step up to make more of a difference. It is important to also schedule off days in your workout plan. Rather than burning yourself out with a daily run or gym session, give your body time to relax so you get stronger and can attack each week. For more ideas on how to incorporate nutrition into your workout plan, please contact a Promax representative today!
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