4 Ways to Get in a Water Workout

Getting in our proper nutrition and protein needs during the summertime can be difficult, especially when we're always on the run. A lot of people take advantage of the water during the summer, either going to a swimming pool, a lake, or to the ocean. Just because you go to the pool or beach, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your workout (or your nutrition). Just like you can bring a protein bar with your or a cooler to make sure that you keep your food fresh, you can easily bring a workout with you too. Here are some ways you can workout in the water:

Tread to Shred

If you're looking for a way to tone your entire lower body, treading water does quite a lot for your core, butt, hamstrings, and quad muscles. You'll have to be in water that is over your head so you can extend your legs. Point your feet and pull back water while alternating your legs. All the while make sure to keep your core engaged!

Jog Through It!

Many athletes aren't afraid to admit that running isn't their favorite activity. It's hard on the joints and if you weight lift while training, then your joints may have enough stress already. That's what is great about a water workout—there's way less stress of the joints! Jogging in the water is a great way to get your heart rate up. You can choose to jog in place and focus on tightening your core, or pick a point (like the other side of the pool) to run to and from. If you're running in the ocean, a good way to challenge yourself it to run from the beach into waist high water and back. That'll get your heart pumping!

Make Waves with Kicks

A great way to strengthen your lower core and quad muscles is with kicking. You can hold on to the edge of the pool and kick up your feet. If you want to move a litter more, you can kick around with a kickboard (in the pool or the ocean). To get your heart rate up, it's a good idea to time yourself and practice doing sprints, alternating the sprint sessions with slower kicks.

Pull Yourself Out!

This exercise works best if you're in a pool but can be done alongside a dock in a lake or ocean as well. To target your back and shoulders, you can use the edge of the pool to do a pull up. For some, the first time they do this it is quite difficult, and so you may have to work up to a point when you are at many reps. Place your hands on the pool's edge, elbows pointed out, and push down on the pool edge's surface so as to pull yourself out. Once your chest is level with the pool edge, lower yourself down to the pool and try again!

Water Water All Around but Not a Drop to Drink

Sometimes we forget that while we're in the water, it's still important to drink water ourselves and stay hydrated. While you're at the pool, lake, or beach, be sure to take water breaks at regular intervals, just as you would if you were working out on land in the gym. Do you have other ways you like to work your body in the water? We'd love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page or get in touch with us here at Promax directly!


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