5 Reasons to Go on a Paleo Diet

If you have been thinking of starting a paleo diet, now is the time to put that plan into action. The paleo diet takes you back to your ancestral roots, eating only foods that were available in the Paleolithic era. This return to a simpler lifestyle has a number of benefits for your health as well as your exercise plan. Here are five reasons why you should take the next step and go paleo today.
  1. Reduce Your Toxin Intake – Going paleo means eating like our ancestors did. On this diet you will eat locally sourced and organic meats and vegetables that are free of preservatives and harmful additives.
  2. Get Vital Nutrients – Processed foods and a majority of what we are sold by corporations lack nutrients our bodies need. Paleo is built on eating the foods that restore nutrients and help improve overall health.
  3. Quality Over Quantity – Rather than fulfilling your daily calorie intake goal with whatever you have lying around the house, adhering to your weekly meal plan helps you be smarter about what you put in your body. Paleo allows you to eat food that is better for you so you can achieve your goals.
  4. Weight Loss Potential – While not guaranteed to make you lose weight, the paleo method might have that effect on some people. The diet replaces processed food with natural protein and nutrients from fruit, helping you stay fuller for longer.
  5. Sustainability – In contrast to factory farming, livestock farming and agriculture allows you to get the nutrition you need without causing widespread pollution and environmental damage.
Learn more about the paleo lifestyle and see how purchasing Promax protein bars fit into your paleo plan by contacting us today.
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