Which Is Better? Protein Shakes or Bars?

Protein energy bars and shakes each have passionate bands of adherents in the fitness community, with aficionados of each willing to swear by their chosen supplement, but which one is really better? Both. Protein bars and shakes each have their advantages, and which one is best for you really depends on your individual needs and fitness goals.

Protein Shake Advantages
If your primary concern in consuming a protein supplement is boosting your level of amino acids, a protein shake is the right solution for you. Amino acids help build muscle and aid exercise enthusiasts in recovering after a workout. Efficient delivery of amino acids to the bloodstream will enhance their ability to help you gain muscle mass and strength. If you are drinking protein shakes, remember that they're intended to be consumed alongside a healthy, well-balanced diet. Protein shakes alone do not have all the nutrients you need. You'll also need to consume fruits and veggies to get all of the necessary vitamins and other nutrients necessary for healthy living.

Protein Bar Advantages
Protein bars are great for folks who are trying to lose weight but who don't want to develop a protein deficiency. Chewing solid foods helps you to feel more satiated, so munching on a protein bar will be more effective in helping you avoid food cravings, than pounding down a shake. Science backs this up. According to a 2011 article in “Obesity,” researchers found that protein consumed in solid form was more effective in holding off hunger pangs than liquid sources of protein. When choosing a protein bar, be sure to read all of the nutritional information on the product wrapper. Consider the nutritional information on your protein bar and adjust your diet accordingly based on your fitness goals. Nutrition bars Convenience & Portable Another key concern when choosing between protein bars and shakes is convenience. Here, protein bars have a clear advantage. Protein bars are easily portable and contained in wrappers. You can easily slip one into your pocket and take it just about anywhere. Protein shakes have to be kept in a cup or container and also have some prep time involved. You also have to be careful in handling them, lest they spill. For folks on the go, a protein bar may be the superior option. Eating whole food remains the best way to obtain protein, but it's not always the most practical, especially for people with busy schedules. People looking for a protein supplement should shop through reliable providers of protein bars and related products to get safe and healthy solutions. For folks seeking a quality protein energy bar, Promax Nutrition has the right solution. Promax Nutrition makes high quality, nutrition bars. The bars come in a variety of delicious flavors and are formulated to meet several nutritional needs, including lower sugar bars, lower carb bars, and bars formulated to maximize workout performance. Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/462471-protein-bar-vs-powder/

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